BAPCPABankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005
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Because the means test under BAPCPA requires a determination that the debtor's income is above the median income for his or her household size, see supra note 244 for further discussion, median income figures are readily available for a creditor to review.
166) Possibly as Congress acts to fix the inadequacies of BAPCPA, it would also take into account that many of these inefficiencies can be remedied by giving the bankruptcy courts more procedural teeth.
BAPCPA should not have had any consequence for the a priori safer individuals with low likelihoods of resulting in bankruptcy before reimbursing their student loans (Nica, 2016): the loan issuers should have envisaged that such borrowers presented practically no bankruptcy risk (Popescu et al.
Prior to BAPCPA, it was not uncommon for some Chapter 13 plans to provide for backloaded payments, such as balloon payments.
In this case, Raul Barraza filed for a Chapter 7 petition on January 31, 2006, subject to the provisions of BAPCPA.
Chapter II Trustees and Examiners After BAPCPA, 80 AM.
170) Prior to the enactment of BAPCPA, it is estimated that credit card companies were losing roughly $4 billion annually due to discharged debt through bankruptcy filings.
Start Fresh Today was created in 2005, setting out to help consumers and attorneys meet BAPCPA requirements.
As Figure 2 shows, filings in the United States spiked just before the BAPCPA came into effect, followed by a dramatic decline.
We prefer BAR over BAPCPA because it is pronounceable and because abuse prevention came first (White 2006).
The BAPCPA amendment, however, may divest the trustee of this theory since a "purchaser" is "described in.
As its name suggests, however, BAPCPA does contain consumer protection provisions that operate as amendments to TILA.