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In some agencies that received my requests for bargaining, "committees" of command staff and bargaining unit members were established to "talk" about the cameras.
No expenditure list provides that level of detail, but unions are allowed to charge fee-payers for "communications with bargaining unit members regarding services they receive," even though they are barred from charging them for "defending against challenges to exclusive bargaining representative status.
10) On the other hand, a single refusal or complaint may resolve a problem experienced by a large number of bargaining unit members, and therefore proportionately fewer actions might need to be taken in larger bargaining units.
In fact, Quebec goes so far as to limit bargaining unit members from working during a strike and the contracting out and/or relocation of struck work, although managers from the struck facility (but not other facilities) may work during a work stoppage.
Union representatives report that these threats have a chilling effect on union contract demands and on the willingness of union leaders and bargaining unit members to aggressively pressure the employer to give in to their demands.
The new agreement requires LTV to compare a new project with those on which bargaining unit members work at a particular location, and to demonstrate that a project to be subcontracted is larger than others that the bargaining unit is normally expected to handle.
Therefore, the firm might not reinstate some bargaining unit members until business picks up again.
A variation would impose requirements on employers, for example obliging them to pay workers who are to do contracted-out work the same wages and benefits as the relevant bargaining unit members.
The contract give up a pay raise this year but does include a one-time $1,000 payment to all bargaining unit members.
The union suggested a 65-minute class period and proposed new contract language that would require a majority vote of the affected bargaining unit members at all the high schools before the district could go to a common schedule.