BARINBoard of Airline Representatives in the Netherlands (Bloemendaal, Netherlands)
BARINBoard of Airline Representatives in Norway
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However, Judge Barin didn't suspend the law for religious or constitutional reasons, but because the law was to take effect before the regulations for enforcing it and granting exemptions to it have even been written.
Ferdaws Ahmad Barin from the Afghanistan Insurance Authority accuses the government of dilly-dallying on the implementation of the cabinet decision.
Look past the detail in Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe, for example, that Prince Barin and his faithful subjects in extraterrestrial Arboria look improbably like Errol Flynn's Robin Hood and his merry men and maids from Sherwood Forest, and instead observe that villain Emperor Ming the Merciless reflects an evil ripped directly from contemporary headlines.
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The killed Abu Sayyaf members were Umaili Jarmaani of Barangay Maligay; Aljimar Barin of Barangay Buhanginan, and Ardam Muhajili of Barangay Bangkal, all from Patikul, Sulu.
Hamedani; n = 29) were cultivated, and where the native herb samphire (n = 27) was growing (see Barin et al.
In and around 2030, Murder is a parallel tale of, well, a murder investigation of schoolteacher Barin Mondolwho is trying to keep "memory"alive, exactly as the Ministry of Internal Security and those in charge are deleting all the files (even the original) to curb dissent.
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Barin J, Martins AF, Heineck BL, et al Hetero- and Adaptive Resistance to Polymyxin B in OXA-23-Producing Carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii Isolates.
Along the way, Flash befriends some unusual characters, including the heroic Prince Barin and the winged warrior Prince Vultan.