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BAFEBritish Approvals for Fire Equipment (UK)
BAFEBarium Ferrite
BAFEBay Area Film Events (California)
BAFEBruttoinlandsausgaben für Forschung und Entwicklung (German: Gross Domestic Expenditure for Research and Development; economics)
BAFEBishkek Academy of Finance and Economy (Kyrgyzstan)
BAFEBaseband Analog Front End
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Chen, "Static and dynamic magnetic properties of CoZn substituted Z-type barium ferrite [Ba.sub.3][Co.sub.x][Zn.sub.2-x][Fe.sub.24][O.sub.41] composites," Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, vol.
In January 2010, Fujifilm and IBM Corporation announced a world record in data density on linear magnetic tape of 29.5 billion bits per square inch using Barium Ferrite particles.
Zhang, "Complex permittivity, permeability, and microwave absorption of Barium ferrite by citrate sol-gel process," Rare Metals, Vol.
The technology employs two types of super-fine magnetic particles, both tens of nanometers in scale: Acicular Ferromagnetic Alloy particle and Tabular Ferro-magnetic Hexagonal Barium Ferrite particle.
Dave Dufour, manager of Security Systems at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, MI, says, We have a general belief at Ford that if an employee wants to come to work at 3 o'clock in the morning because he feels creative, he should be able to get to his workplace." With Ford's encoded card reading system that combines barium ferrite, proximity, and bar code technologies, employees have access to any door their card authorizes them to use.
The HP 11974 series of preselected mm-wave mixers, shown in Figure 2, incorporate barium ferrite tracking filters to give image-free signal analysis in the mm-wave frequency bands up to 75 GHz.
NANO CUBIC technology employs two types of super-fine magnetic particles, both tens of nanometers in scale: Acicular Ferromagnetic Alloy and Tabular Ferromagnetic Hexagonal Barium Ferrite, NANO CUBIC promises to be the enabling coating technology that will lead to the achievement of the super tape capacities of future mid-range and enterprise class formats.
The Casi-Rusco card readers were more than ten years old and used barium ferrite technology.
Among the new compounds under investigation are thin films of barium ferrite and layered materials containing iron and silicon oxide.
Zhu is testing this concept on barium ferrite, which he says has potential as the next-generation high-density recording medium.
barium ferrite technology that required students to insert them into a card
Magnetic stripe, Wiegand, and barium ferrite card technologies all fall somewhere within these final two stages.