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BAGOBarrow's Goldeneye (bird species)
BAGOBenguet Antamok Gold Operation (Philippines)
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Cohort B was a group of 12 ducks and 18 geese (9 Siberian red-breasted geese, 2 bar-headed geese, 6 Ross geese, 1 blue goose, 6 Eurasian widgeons, 1 wood duck, 1 redhead duck, 1 Barrow's goldeneye, 2 blue-winged teals, and 1 northern shoveler) housed continuously at the outbreak site; these birds were from the same 3 pens where the bird deaths occurred.
The Barrow's goldeneye performed admirably, giving us tremendous views on an all too rare calm, sunny summer's morning north of the border.
Aircraft struck virtually every species of waterfowl, including one Eurasian wigeon, one harlequin duck and a Barrow's goldeneye. Mallards were the most common feathered surface-to-air missiles, with 749 struck by planes since 1990, causing $16.3 million in damage and putting airplanes out of commission for 11,630 hours.
Best bets: Look for common goldeneye, Barrow's goldeneye, and hooded mergansers in the high lakes of the Cascades.
Common and Barrow's goldeneye crosses, too, have been noted over the past half century.
Diving ducks--Canvasback, Redhead, Lesser scaup, Greater scaup, Ring-necked duck, Bufflehead, Common goldeneye, Barrow's goldeneye, Ruddy duck
Day two was set to be a Barrow's goldeneye shoot, as we set up in an area that Bouchard said harlequins don't frequent.
Limits: 6 ducks daily, with restrictions on Barrow's goldeneye and black ducks.
For species such as black scoter, Barrow's goldeneye, harlequin duck and oldsquaw, Kodiak is an important wintering area.