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Gogberashvili, "Cosmological "arrow of time" and baryon asymmetry of the universe," Physics Letters B, vol.
More recently the hybrid seesaw ansatz for matter parity conserving SO(10) has been applied to explain neutrino masses, dark matter, and baryon asymmetry of the universe without invoking any texture or intermediate scale in the nonsupersymmetric SO(10) framework [146].
Even without goingbeyond the SM paradigm and treating the added RH neutrinos in type I seesaw as gauge singlet fermions at ~GeV scale, rich structure of new physics has been predicted including neutrino masses, dark matter, and baryon asymmetry of the universe. The fine-tuned value of the associated Dirac neutrino Yukawa coupling in these models is y ~ [10.sup.-7][114-116].
Since then the mechanism has been utilised in explaining baryon asymmetry of the universe via low scale leptogenesis [45, 46] and the phenomenon of dark matter (DM) [169] along with cosmic ray anomalies [170].
It is well known that TeV scale RH neutrinos can participate in resonant leptogenesis contributing to enhanced generation of leptonic CP asymmetry that is central to generation of baryon asymmetry of the universe via sphaleron interactions.
With type II dominance, the second- and third-generation sterile neutrinos could be heavy and quaside-generate and explain baryon asymmetry of the universe through resonant leptogenesis.