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Further, defendants counter that Legston named SOS International (VA) LTD and SOS International LTD in error because neither one of those entities provide military base operations support. Consequently, by defendants' own acknowledgment, neither of the named entities could have acted in a manner satisfying the requirements for federal officer jurisdiction to exist over this case.
Others provide logistics support such as fuel and cargo transport, subsistence services and sanitation services, base operations support and weapons support--depot and operational maintenance, acquisition logistics and field engineering.
For this expanded new authority, Congress tied the definition of "logistic support, supplies, and services" to the one in the acquisition and cross servicing agreement (ACSA) statute, which allows the transfer of: food, billeting, transportation (including airlift), petroleum, oils, lubricants, clothing, communications services, medical services, ammunition, base operations support (and construction incident to base operations support), storage services, use of facilities, training services, spare parts and components, repair and maintenance services, calibration services, and port services.
Central Command's (CENTCOM's) in-theater executive agent provide the base operations support and direct support needed to sustain ARSOF personnel in the theater of operations.
The base camp workshop addressed the base operations support aspect of the initiative, specifically addressing the recommended course of action from the Initiative 18 Working Group that was sponsored by the United States Army Corps of Engineers[R] (USACE).
announced that the United States Navy has awarded an eight-year contract to provide base operations support to facilities in the Western Puget Sound area of Washington state to EJB Facilities Services, Inc., a joint venture for which EMCOR serves as managing partner.
Concerns have surfaced in Congress and various media regarding the adequacy of funding for base operations support (BOS) functions of military installations as well as the quality and level of support being provided.
The sixty-month program, according to Scurlock, requires Sailors to spend "36 months rotating through various positions within the NMCI detachments (including the areas of help desk, systems, network, information assurance and base operations support) and 24 months at sea.
VT bought Atlanta-based Griffin Services, which is involved in facility and base operations support service contracts, in late 2001.
Contract Awarded for Base operations support services at nsa new orleans la the naval air station joint reserve base new orleans la naval operational support center shreveport and spawarsycentlant new orleans
US-based Sallyport Global Holdings has been awarded a six-month service contract, for a not-to-exceed amount of $133.8 million, to provide base operations support, life support and security services at Iraq's Balad Air Base, said a report.
Business Activities BSNC's diverse capabilities include logistics, aircraft and airfield services, base operations support services, special training and security, administrative services, IT services, communications, construction, environmental services, distribution and hardware.