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BOFBoys Over Flowers (anime)
BOFBusiness of Fashion (resource)
BOFBirds Of a Feather
BOFBreath of Fire (Capcom video game)
BOFBasic Oxygen Furnace
BOFBest of Friends
BOFBest of Five
BOFBank of Fukuoka, Ltd. (Japan)
BOFBook of Fun
BOFBuffer Overflow
BOFBank of Finland
BOFBeginning Of File
BOFBoard of Forestry (California)
BOFBatman on Film (fan website)
BOFBoard Of Fisheries
BOFBirth of the Federation (Star Trek game)
BOFBody on Frame (automotive)
BOFBusiness Oriented Framework
BOFBottom of Fuel
BOFBottom Of Form
BOFBoring Old Fart
BOFBudget Office of the Federation (Nigeria)
BOFBusiness Object Framework
BOFBunch of Freaks
BOFBritish Orienteering Federation
BOFBande Originale du Film (French: original sound track)
BOFBug or Feature
BOFBréviaire d'Orthographe Française (French spelling and grammar software)
BOFBarrel of Fun
BOFBlown Optical Fiber (method of delivery)
BOFBall of Foot
BOFBacon Old-Fashioned (alcoholic beverage)
BOFBusiness Opportunity Form (sales support document)
BOFBedienoberfläche (German: User Interface)
BOFBand of Friends (gaming clan)
BOFBetween Ontologies and Folksonomies (workshop)
BOFBase of Fire (non-maneuver element that provides sustained cover)
BOFBinary Oxide Film
BOFBack Order File
BOFBrotherhood of the Falcon (Belegarth)
BOFBilling and Ordering Forum (ATIS)
BOFBank Operating Funds
BOFBreak on Fall (float switches)
BOFBasic Own Funds (finance)
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As part of the investment project on the Arctic pipeline facilities - purpe, a modern material-technical base of fire units.
In addition, JSC "Transneft - Siberia" is working on strengthening the material-technical base of fire protection units at existing facilities.
Managing director Oliver North said: "Rosalyn has worked tirelessly, almost always working over her contracted hours, to ensure the highest level of service possible has been delivered to Rosenbauer UK's customer base of fire and rescue services.
As per NFPA or US standard, to operate the extinguisher it has to be picked up in the left hand at the waist level, the hose should be in the right hand and then direct the jet to the base of fire.
The cartridge operated extinguisher is also operated with both hands but discharge valve is squeezed with the right hand as the container is pressurized and the operator needs to pay attention to control the discharge while directing the jet at the base of fire.
The lead squad lays down a base of fire while the trail two squads bound.
Reinforcement of concepts of supporting fire, base of fire, and synchronization of fires.
They serve as base of fire and part of our force protection.
If he established a base of fire before contact (as in bounding overwatch)--and did not inadvertently mask its fire by bounding in front of it--he may be able to use fire and maneuver to break contact.
Setting up a base of fire from the patrol formation after contact.
They provide the platoon with its base of fire and constitute a sizable amount of its firepower.
Instead, it requires that the company base of fire train its individual parts as a whole all of the time.