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As I gazed upon this monument, doubtless the work of an extinct and forgotten race, thus buried in the green nook of an island at the ends of the earth, the existence of which was yesterday unknown, a stronger feeling of awe came over me than if I had stood musing at the mighty base of the Pyramid of Cheops.
As Senyo explains, innovations at the base of the pyramid provide the "real opportunity for leapfrogging", and can have the largest impact.
The intense consumption by the population belonging to the base of the pyramid (bottom of the pyramid - BOP) was considered highly unlikely, since poor people were used to consuming only to meet their basic needs, which caused the low-income populations to be disregarded within the market consumption in former times (Barros & Rocha, 2009).
The casing blocks being inclined inwards at the base of the pyramid may have limited the expansion.
We want to ensure that the fruits of development reach each and every citizen of the country, especially those at the margins of society and the base of the pyramid," he added.
Safely home in Moscow, Russia, 20-year-old Vitali Raskalova described how he and his friends had to hide from the tourist police for five hours at the tomb near the base of the pyramid before making the climb, which is forbidden because it is dangerous and also to protect the ancient structure.
Critical infrastructure--everything from water and sanitation to energy and agriculture--is often unavailable to the poorest four billion people on Earth, the ones who are said to be Living at the base of the pyramid.
Seven case studies are appended, among them refrigeration for the base of the Pyramid through adsorptive cooling, the environmental impact of photovoltaic lighting, a solar-powered wireless computer mouse, and light urban mobility.
Pushing credit beyond the top 15 to 20 percent of households into the base of the pyramid has proven too daunting a task for most of the regions banks, and their brick-and-mortar approach drives up the cost of customer acquisition beyond a sustainable level.
From there, authority flowed downward to the second tier (senior management) and then to the third tier (middle management) and ended at the base of the pyramid (frontline employees who were connected directly to the customer).
In Sunday's show, performers skied in various formations, such as the pyramid which calls for the skiers to nimbly climb onto the shoulders of those at the base of the pyramid, making up to four or five levels.
The star player exodus from Wales can be dealt with only if the base of the pyramid is healthy and the next generation of stars is coming through on the production line.