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BANBangladesh (South Asia)
BANBangor (Amtrak station code; Bangor, ME)
BANBadan Akreditasi Nasional (Indonesian: National Accreditation Board)
BANBody Area Network
BANBasel Action Network
BANBusiness Angel Network (various locations)
BANBanesto (Tour de France cycling sponsor)
BANBilling Account Number (telecommunications)
BANBond Anticipation Note
BANBritish Approved Name
BANBroadband Area Network
BANBank Account Number
BANBroadband Access Nodes
BANBlade Area Network
BANBilling Account Number
BANBorder Action Network
BANBasset Artésien Normand (French: Artesien Norman Basset; dog breed)
BANBrothers across Nigeria
BANBasic Access Network
BANBase Area Network
BANBoundary Access Node
BANBase Aéronautique Navale (French: Naval Air Base)
BANBuilding Area Network (telecommunications)
BANBachelor of Arts in Nursing
BANBasongo, Zaire (Airport Code)
BANBeacon Alliance of Neighbors (Seattle, WA)
BANBackup Area Network
BANBasement Area Network
BANBudget Allocation Notice (NASA)
BANBâtiment des Auxiliaires Nucléaires (French: Nuclear Auxiliary Building)
BANBenefit Access Number (Microsoft MSDN subscriptions)
BANBattlespace Area Network
BANBuccaneers Association of Nigeria
BANBéton Auto-Nivellant (French: Self-Leveling Concrete; construction industry)
BANBrothers Across the Nations
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Jim Puckett, The Basel Ban: A Triumph Over Business-As-Usual, BASEL ACTION NETWORK (last updated Oct.
The e-Stewards Initiative, a project of the Basel Action Network, the most stringent of the two nationally recognized certifications, audits e-waste recyclers to ensure they use safe and responsible practices in processing e-waste.
The e-Stewards Certification program, created by the Basel Action Network (BAN), formally recognizes electronic recyclers that adhere to environmentally and socially responsible practices when recovering hazardous electronic materials.
First Federal Criminal Charges Brought Against Recycler for Exporting Toxic e-Waste, BASEL ACTION NETWORK (Sept.
The hypocrisy of the Navy's new ecological 'Great Green Fleet' demonstrating its 'greenness' by sinking ships containing globally banned pollutants off the coast of Hawaii is particularly ironic," Colby Self of the Basel Action Network said in a statement.
Segun Jim Puckett, actual director ejecutivo de la ong Basel Action Network, desde que surgio el Convenio, uno de los objetivos deseados por los paises en desarrollo era lograr el establecimiento de la prohibicion de realizar movimientos transfronterizos de desechos peligrosos desde los paises desarrollados hacia los paises en desarrollo.
There are several problems militating against proper storage and disposal of ICT waste as it is evidenced by some environmental group such as the Basel Action Network (BAN) & Greenspace (2009), who indicated that the Nigerian government seems not to keep any type of record or statistics on imported ICT waste even though Nigeria has a National import ban for hazardous waste.
The Basel Action Network is one of the few international organizations committed to rooting out injustices associated with the global trade of E-waste.
The Basel Action Network, a nonprofit agency focused on global environmental injustice, has spent the last decade drawing public attention to the dumping of electronic waste in countries such as China and Ghana where the valuable components are recovered in ways that harm the people doing it and the environment where it's done.
El 16 de septiembre, en una nota fechada en Denver, Colorado, una organizacion que combate el comercio toxico llamada Basel Action Network (BAN por sus siglas en ingles) revelo, con ayuda de la cadena CBS y de 60 Minutos, que, despues de 30 meses de investigacion por parte de la Division de Investigacion de la Agencia de Proteccion Ambiental de Estados Unidos (EPA), se fincaron cargos criminales contra dos ejecutivos de una firma de reciclaje de electronicos basada en Seattle por exportar basura.
Lead, one heavy metal, is found in "almost every electrical product" according to Sarah Westervelt, e-Stewardship Policy Director at Basel Action Network (ban.
Created jointly by the environmental community and business leaders, the new e-Stewards Certification and Standard is held by the nonprofit Basel Action Network.