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BLDBoulder (Amtrak station code; Boulder, CO)
BLDBlue Laser Diode
BLDBreakfast Lunch Dinner
BLDBig League Dreams (recreational sports facility; various locations)
BLDBaldwin Technology Company (various locations)
BLDBusiness Leadership Development (various organizations)
BLDBeam Limiting Device (radiation)
BLDBag Leak Detector
BLDBukas-Loob Sa Diyos (Filipino: Open In Spirit To God)
BLDBulgarian Land Development (real estate company)
BLDBeam Lead Device
BLDBASIC Bload Graphics (File Name Extension)
BLDBlack Lawyers Directory (UK)
BLDBibliothèque-Lecture-Développement (French: Reading Development Library; Senegal)
BLDBitches Love Drama
BLDBioanalytical Laboratory Director (New Jersey)
BLDBelow Limit of Detection
BLDBlue Lambency Downward (Kayo Dot music album)
BLDBaseline Design
BLDBangladesh Legal Decisions
BLDBanana Leaf Dressing
BLDBad Life Decision
BLDBoolean Logic Diagram
BLDBorder Line Detonation (spark ignited internal combustion engine)
BLDBig Liver Disease (visceral lymphomatosis, avian leukosis complex)
BLDBase Listing Document
BLDBachelor of Landscape Design
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It is also clear that the wake generated by the baseline design prevented adhesion between air and the second flap due to separation.
The absorbed energy is normalized by the energy absorbed by system in baseline design (2.49E5J).
The multiple baseline design is employed when it is not possible for participants to return to original baseline (Kazdin, 2011).
As the compressor flow rate is reduced to the mid-flow range, the [PR.sub.c,tt] of the ported shroud configuration begins to deviate from the baseline design at identical [N.sub.cor] and [[??].sub.c,cor].
The steel material in the baseline design is substituted with magnesium and the CCB parts are thickened to obtain the desired NVH and stiffness performances.
Such flexibility would allow one baseline design, configurable per mission requirements, to replace a range of vessels usually tasked with patrol and defence of territorial, EEZ and adjoining waters.
The implementation of the intervention to the first-period classes prior to intervention effects in the first class violated fundamental rules of the multiple baseline design, limiting the ability to demonstrate a functional relation.
A multiple baseline design across 4 students was used to determine the effect of the intervention.
These two dependent measures were examined by a single subject multiple baseline design across participants.
We utilized a multiple baseline design across participants to evaluate the effectiveness of the cool versus not cool procedure plus role-playing.
The property will be marketed to a wide variety of tenants, from corporate users to creative technology firms as well as retail, showroom, and medical office, and will feature a baseline design allowing flexibility to accommodate a specific tenant or group of tenant's desired look and feel.
The baseline design has been devised and is being developed.
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