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BASHABachelor of Applied Science in Hospitality Administration (Southern New Hampshire University; Manchester, NH)
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Advisor to Prime Minister on Revenue Haroon Akhtar asked the Forum to recommend the government that at least 10 percent of the PS DP every year should be allocated for the construction of Basha Dam.
Today, we live in a drug nation, as it says in the latest CIA report, and it was built on stolen elections, an illegal parliament, an illegal prime minister who appointed an illegal prosecutor to cover all corruption-related files," Basha .
BEIRUT: Kamel El Basha was awarded the Venice Film Festival's Best Actor prize Saturday for his role in Ziad Doueiri's "The Insult.
He said Diamer Basha Dam is the most essential project for Pakistan, being a multi-purpose project to store water and generate electricity.
Now Basha, formerly of Melrose Gardens, Wallsend, has been jailed for eight years after he admitted wounding with intent.
Prosecutor Jolyon Perks told the court Basha was arrested outside the marital home after the attack and was seen headbutting a brick wall.
Abu Basha explained that vegetables are seasonal, thus their prices fluctuate.
In addition, the new film is a sequel to 2007's One More Chance with Bea and John Lloyd again portraying Basha and Popoy-after seven turbulent years as a married couple.
The starting scene of "A Second Chance" where Popoy and Basha are being interviewed for a research paper already made clear their marriage is in trouble.
Every Albanian that wants promotion and protection of their national interests in Macedonia should join the initiative of the Federalization of Macedonia", stressed Basha, after meeting with representatives from the Albanian Diaspora.
Owing to dispute, the Diya Mir Basha Dam could cause damage and it would stop the wheels of development in country, minister remarked.
SARAJEVO, Feb 12 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Ambassador in Tirana Abdulrahman Al-Bader discussed with Tirana Municipality Chief Lulzim Basha boosting bilateral relations.