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B911Basic 911 (telephony)
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As ever, the basic 911 range includes two models offered in both coupe and convertible guises.
Enhanced 911 is an improvement over the basic 911 that makes the service faster and more reliable by requiring 911 systems to automatically display a caller's information, such as name and location, to the emergency responder.
In comparison, the Basic 911 system does not automatically display the caller's phone number and location; instead, the caller must give this information to the PSAP dispatcher.
The basic 911 starts at pounds 60,000, with a top speed of 177mph.
All plans include advanced features such as voicemail, three-way calling, caller ID blocking, basic 911 and enhanced 911 where available.
Both basic 911 and E911 may improve the timeliness of emergency response systems.
The basic 911 model starts at a pricey pounds 60,000, has a top speed of 177mph and does 0-60 in five seconds.