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bitBinary Digit (0 or 1)
bitBuilt-In Test
bitBusiness Information Technology
bitBachelor of Information Technology
bitBilateral Investment Treaty
bitBabes In Toyland (band)
bitBureau International du Travail (French)
bitBoard of Industrial Training (various locations)
bitBusiness and Industry Training (various locations)
bitBirla Institute of Technology (Technical Institute at Ranchi, India since 1956)
bitBusiness Income Tax
bitBinary Indexed Tree (programming)
bitBeijing Institute of Technology
bitBeijing Institute of Technology (China)
bitBuilt in Test
bitBit Test
bitBinary Digit
bitBright Ideas Trust
bitBrooklyn Independent Television (est. 2006; Brooklyn, NY)
bitBirla Institute of Technology (India)
bitBasic Information Technology
bitBangalore Institute of Technology (Bangalore, India)
bitBulk Ion Temperature
bitBüro für Internationale Forschungs- und Technologiekooperation (Vienna, Austria)
bitBusiness Improvement Team
bitBehavioral Inattention Test
bitBipolar Integrated Technology
bitBehavioral Investment Theory
bitBangladesh Institute of Technology
bitBrampton Intermodal Terminal (Brampton, Ontario Canada)
bitBudowlany Informator Techniczny (Polish: Technical Construction Information; publication)
bitBrunei Information Technology
bitBloc Ioulia Timochenko (Ukranian politics)
bitBhilai Institute of Technology (India)
bitBase Item Type
bitBasic Interconnection Test
bitBest in Tactics (gaming clan)
bitBroadband Infrastructure Technology (DARPA)
bitBannariamman Institute of Technology (Sathyamangalam, India)
bitBachelor of Industrial Technology
bitBoron Injection Tank
bitBond-In-Tension (aka Flatwise Tensile)
bitBanque de l'Industrie et du Travail (Beirut bank)
bitBuild Integration and Test
bitAustrian Bureau for International Research and Technology Co-Operation
bitBhubaneswar Institute of Technology (India)
bitBusiness Implementation Time
bitBorza Internazionale del Turismo (Italian)
bitBharath Institute of Technology
bitBrazilian Institute of Technology
bitBgl International Ltd
bitBill Item Transaction (Sprint)
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AD graduates should possess a solid foundation of generic skills, including Chinese and English languages, basic information technology applications, and interpersonal, communications, quantitative, and analytic skills.
Advance notice (shortening the deadline for receipt of tenders): ict services: basic information technology services
Free regular IT taster sessions are also available, nicknamed BITS which stands for Basic Information Technology Sessions..
The partnership would cover the development of business applications and the provision of basic information technology infrastructure services worldwide by IBM.
Adult Learners' Week will feature a number of learning taster events, from African drumming and dance to basic Information Technology, to try and encourage more people to take up the learning challenge.
Wearside College in Sunderland has around 700 students a year on its course in basic information technology.
The goal of vts homes is to acquire basic information technology services from one (1) supplier as standard entities.
Contract notice: basic information technology services
Contract notice: competition for basic information technology services at veikkaus
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