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filming aesthetics, suggested props ranging from basic string or catnip to the Roomba or a Christmas tree, and much more.
Basic string functions; strings are examined as a simple data structure.
Many of the flagship companies offering knowledge management systems have wrapped a basic string matching system with various enhancements.
In basic string theory, which describes subatomic particles as tiny vibrating loops or strands of energy, extra dimensions are too small to be directly detected.
Designed to present string theory to astrophysicists and, in turn, cosmology to string theorists, the volume presents chapters on basic string cosmology equations, conformal invariance and string effective actions, duality symmetries and cosmological solutions, inflationary kinematics, and the string phase.
One of the more intriguing elements of the production was the orchestra, placed behind the singers, consisting of the basic string members of the Pacific Baroque Orchestra led by Marc Destrube, joined by guitar, keyboard and percussion.