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With house prices falling by an average 11%year on year (and this rate may well continue in 2009) all of the Government's ideas from last week are basically useless for Wales.
Sherman has one nerdy hypochondriac, basically useless friend, and another male friend with more flair He likes the girl next door, Vanessa, but discounts her as a girlfriend because she's perhaps a little too zaftig.
People do not want to buy something that is basically useless if he does come back.
Without the right skin tone, all other makeup is basically useless.
I'm basically useless at the moment, I can't help with any of the lambing and calving because I'm in such pain.
Another odd waste of space is the considerable volume rendered basically useless by an enormous ceremonial staircase connecting only the fourth and fifth floors, which are devoted to the historic, pre-1970 collection.
After the clothes are photographed, they can't be worn again," said Clothes Off Our Back organizer Jane Kaczmarek "The fact that the clothes are basically useless after an awards show really made me think about doing something with them.
There are three primary ways to increase processing speed: By increasing the capability of the laser itself (remember, the laser by itself is only a light bulb and is basically useless unless integrated into a complete workstation), by increasing the usability of the beam through clever optical engineering, and by clever handling of the control hardware and software.
That was the most money I'd ever spent for something basically useless.
If the policy can be changed on the host it is protecting, the policy is basically useless.
Askin cautioned that a new IFF system is basically useless until the entire upgrade is complete throughout the force and all the platforms are equipped with the advanced electronics.
Unfortunately, most of these documents are basically useless.