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BODRBlue Obelisk Data Repository (chemoinformatics database)
BODRBasis of Design Report (water management)
BODRBlood Oxygen Discharge Rate
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Basis of Design Report The Consultant shall review and coordinate the project parameters with stakeholders and generate baseline design requirements.
The process of creating a SCADA network for the village began with a basis of design report (BODR) that examined the existing system and established the goals for the new system.
phase 1 engineering services will include, but are not limited to, refinement of planning level studies; coordination with a separate dou retained public outreach firm; evaluation of the mpsf constructability; assessment of mitigation measures that will be associated with a project of this magnitude in a popular city park; and preparation of a summary basis of design report.
Prepare an accompanying basis of design report which describes engineering judgement and decisions used in preparing the design drawings.
Task One involves data gathering and preparing a Basis of Design Report.
The scope of work will include the preparation of a basis of design report and bid documents, securing permits, application for NYSERDA grant funding, and preparing the appropriate SEQR documentation for facilities outlined in the final feasibility report.
The selected firm will be expected to provide engineering services including stormwater modeling, surveying, and a Basis of Design Report (BODR).
The Basis of Design Report identified East Street as the primary relocation corridor.
The principal elements of the Project are listed below and are described in more detail in Attachment A - Tertiary Treatment Facilities Draft Basis of Design Report.
The City desires the professional services of a Florida licensed Professional Engineering Firm to provide a Basis of Design Report, surveying, hydraulic modeling, design, permitting, bidding assistance, public outreach, and utility construction engineering inspection for the proposed roadway and utility improvements within the right-of-way of Osprey Avenue from just south of Novus Street to just north of Main Street.
Subsequent Tasks may include but not be limited to production of a Basis of Design Report, construction documents for facilities, services during construction, and related activities.