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BORBoard of Representatives (various organizations)
BORBoard Of Regents
BORBureau Of Reclamation
BORBoard of Realtors (various locations)
BORBill of Rights
BORBeginning of Recording (data storage)
BORBoard Of Review
BORBiology Of Reproduction (journal)
BORBill O'Reilly (Fox news host)
BORBed Occupancy Rate (hospitals)
BORBiserica Ortodoxa Romana (Romanian: Romanian Orthodox Church)
BORBeats of Rage (video game)
BORBurnt Orange Report (political blog; Texas)
BORBuckets of Rain
BORBrown-Out Reset (microcontrollers, PIC)
BORBusiness Object Repository (SAP tehnical infrastructure)
BORBroker Of Record
BORBid on Repairs (construction)
BORBasic Output Report
BORBodies Of Revolution
BORBunkers on Redelivery (shipping)
BORBill of Resources
BORBasis of Review
BORBritish Other Rank (military rank; UK)
BORBudget OPTAR (Operating/Operational Target) Report
BORBMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) Oracle Racing (sailing competition)
BORBase of Riser (fire sprinklers)
BORBreak of Reality (band)
BORBattery Operations Room (Australia)
BORBlessing of Replenishment (gaming)
BORBiuro Ochrony Rzadu (Polish Secret Service)
BORBlood of Ro
BORBack of Room Sales
BORBack Order Reconciliation
BORBandwidth on Request
BORBattalion Orderly Room (Canadian Armed Forces)
BORBreach of Rule (legal)
BORBase of the Ramp (USAF Academy)
BORBurnout Risk
BORBan on Religion (newsgroup usage)
BORBusiness Operations Review
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It is expected that, if successful, the trials will complete the filing package that will serve as the primary basis of review for the approval of a Biologics License Application for the PNH indication.
The Contracting Authority also carries out checks on products on the basis of reviews and enquiries from consumers and the business community.
M AIL T ODAY first reported in December 2011 about the government's decision to compulsorily retire inefficient or corrupt government officials on the basis of reviews conducted after they complete 15 years in service.
To be honest, on the basis of reviews for Accidental Husband, it seems many critics would prefer she stuck to what she does best, which is kicking ass and taking names.
On the basis of reviews of classified documents performed during its 34 oversight inspections, the Office of Classification believes that very few of DOE's documents had been misclassified.
The book about a soldier in the First World War won the award on the basis of reviews from 25,000 children across the UK.