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bpsBits Per Second
bpsBasis Points
bpsBytes Per Second
bpsBritish Psychological Society
bpsBoston Public Schools
bpsBritish Pain Society (UK)
bpsBuddhist Publication Society
bpsBiopsychosocial (model)
bpsBusiness Professional Services (various locations)
bpsBeginning Postsecondary Students
bpsBanca Popolare di Sondrio
bpsBass Pro Shops
bpsBackup Power Supply
bpsBanco de Previsión Social (Uruguay)
bpsBill Payment Service (various organizations)
bpsBureau of Product Standards
bpsBachelor of Professional Studies
bpsBook Value Per Share
bpsBeats per Second
bpsBulk Processing System
bpsBatch Processing Systems
bpsBytes per Sector
bpsBorder Proxies
bpsBallistic Protection Series
bpsBauds per Second
bpsBalls per Second
bpsBackground Processing State
bpsBiophysical Society (Bethesda, MD)
bpsBalls Per Second (paintball)
bpsBullet-Proof Software
bpsBritish Pharmacological Society
bpsBaltic Pipeline System
bpsBoard of Pharmaceutical Specialties
bpsBusiness Process Software
bpsBusiness Process Solutions
bpsBits Per Symbol (information theory)
bpsBritish Pound Sterling
bpsBattery Power Supply
bpsBiomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (various universities)
bpsBerufspraktisches Semester (German: Practice Oriented Semester)
bpsBusiness Policy and Strategy
bpsBiomass Production System (space station scientific payload; biological research project)
bpsBelgian Physical Society
bpsBovine Papular Stomatitis (disease)
bpsBroader Public Sector
bpsBytes People Solutions (South Africa)
bpsBusiness Planning Simulation
bpsBattle Programmer Shirase (anime)
bpsBallistic Protection System
bpsBuilding Performance Study (various organizations)
bpsBusiness Performance Service (various companies)
bpsBorder Patrol Station
bpsBosch Production System
bpsBusiness Policy Switch
bpsBritish Pteridological Society
bpsBig Picture Scrapbooking (website)
bpsBest Practice Systems (Englewood, CO)
bpsBilingual Primary School (various locations)
bpsBrand Protection Services (UK)
bpsBanque de Programmes et de Services
bpsBasic Pay Scale (Pakistan)
bpsBloodborne Pathogens Standard
bpsBiomolecular and Physical Sciences (Australia)
bpsBangkok Patana School
bpsBiofunctional Prosthetic System
bpsBooster Pump Station
bpsBookkeeping and Payroll Services (various locations)
bpsBearing Precious Seed
bpsBilateral Partial Salpingectomy (female sterilization procedure)
bpsBasic Practice of Statistics
bpsBudget Preparation System
bpsBiopharmaceutical Sciences
bpsBureau of Public Secrets
bpsBiodegradable Plastics Society (Japan)
bpsBusiness Printing Solutions
bpsBiomedical and Physical Sciences
bpsBasic Programming Support
bpsBalanced Pressure System
bpsBusiness Performance Solution (software)
bpsBirla Public School (India)
bpsBusiness Payment Systems (system to accept credit cards for payment)
bpsBritish Parliamentary Style (academic debating format)
bpsBricklin Perceptual Scales
bpsBlackberry Professional Server
bpsBanco de Preços em Saúde (Brasil)
bpsBlackfriars Priory School (AU)
bpsBarbados Postal Service
bpsBusiness Positioning System (software)
bpsBerkeley Program in Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies
bpsBallot Printing System
bpsBusiness Property Statement
bpsBusiness Power Systems
bpsBrowning Pump Shotgun
bpsBuilding Problem Solvers
bpsBavaria Production Services
bpsBackpack Section
bpsBest Planet Sneakers (website)
bpsBéton à Propriétés Spécifiées (French: Specified Concrete Properties)
bpsBenefit Planning Services
bpsBachelier en Psychologie (Bachelor of psychology)
bpsBoard of Public Service
bpsBusiness Product Specification
bpsPorto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil - Porto Seguro (Airport Code)
bpsBeaulieu Preparatory School (South Africa)
bpsBusiness Plan Support
bpsBelilios Public School (Hong Kong)
bpsBond-Based Profit Sharing (financial participation)
bpsBanque Populaire Suisse
bpsBusiness People Services
bpsBasic Psychological Operations Study
bpsBadan Pusat Statistic (Indonesian central statistics agency)
bpsBribe Payers Survey
bpsBath Perfusion System
bpsBartsocas-Papas Syndrome
bpsBeat Per Second
bpsBaxter Biopharma Solutions
bpsBechtel Procurement System
bpsBiomarker Patterns Software
bpsBleed to Pressure System
bpsBoard for Parish Services
bpsBritish Pepper & Spice
bpsBatesville Primary School
bpsBeckenham Photographic Society (UK)
bpsBureau of Protected Species
bpsBendemeer Primary School (Singapore)
bpsBellarmine Preparatory School (Tacoma, WA, USA)
bpsBoudet/Portal/Seurat (French motorcycle company)
bpsBosch Partner System
bpsBurton Placement Services
bpsBritish Parachute School
bpsBroadband Provisioning System
bpsBird Population Studies
bpsBeach Probing System
bpsBiological Photo Service
bpsBelgian Psychological Association
bpsBusiness Process Subcommittee
bpsBill-Paying Scores (credit scoring)
bpsBoulder Psychological Services (Boulder, CO)
bpsBakersfield Pipe & Supply (Bakersfield, CA)
bpsBudget Planning Statement
bpsBattlefield Planning System
bpsBatch Priority Scheduler
bpsBoiler Protection System
bpsBulk Processing Stream (Canada Post)
bpsBears-Packers Showdown
bpsBio-Products Saskatchewan Inc.
bpsBackpropagation Simulation
bpsBlackheath Poetry Society
bpsBackbone Packet Switch
bpsBallistic Protective Shelter
bpsBilambil Public School (Gold Coast, Australia)
bpsBioengineered Performance System (Mothers In Motion)
bpsBold Parenting Seminar
bpsBasic Partitioning Scheme
bpsBurst Processing Subsystem
bpsBoost Pump Star
bpsBuilding Parental Skills
bpsBroadband Power Systems
bpsBusiness Product Services
bpsBratislavska Parkovacia Sluzba
bpsBase Postal Section
bpsBusiness Prioritization System
bpsBlind Phase Synchronization
bpsBureau Project Services
bpsBrigade Planner System
bpsBlade Position Synchronization (military aviation; helicopters)
bpsBusiness Procurement Services
bpsBuninyong Primary School (Buninyong, Australia)
bpsBaum Property Services
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The interest rate on consumer loans that have an initial fixation period above 1 year and below or equal to 5 years has decreased by 7 basis points with respect to the previous reference month and has consequently reached 2.
3 billion in loans became newly delinquent, which put 25 basis points of upward pressure on the delinquency rate.
35 billion in CMBS loans became newly delinquent in April, which put 26 basis points of upward pressure on the delinquency rate.
5m to INR10m with maturity between 46-90 days, the new interest rate will be 50 basis points lower than the existing 9 percent.
Moving down the income statement, gross margin swelled 90 basis points in the fourth quarter to 27.
Kasikornbank said that its three-month fixed deposit rates will be increased by 10-25 basis points to 0.
Private sector banks like Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and Standard Chartered Bank have raised their benchmark base rates by 25 basis points.
The percentage of prime loans in foreclosure increased 2 basis points to 0.
How does one explain that Poland's external debt now trades at barely 50 basis points over U.
Lance said that from the time the plan originated in 1982 until 1995, Hartford charged an annual fee of 85 basis points (0.
Their strongest banks, for example, got 12 basis points, those in the middle received 10, and the weakest got eight basis points.