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BASRABahamas Air Sea Rescue Association
BASRABay Area Soccer Referee Association
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Strategically located in the center of Basra, within the commercial district of Al Baradi'yah and 25km west of Basra International Airport, the new property will fill a gap in the market for upscale hotels.
Our upcoming property will cater to pent-up demand from the corporate sector, which contributes around 90% of hotel demand in Basra due to the high volume of oil and gas and shipping companies based in this booming region of Iraq.
On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, flights depart from Sharjah International Airport at 08:20 and arrives Basra International Airport at 09:15.
Turkish Consul General in Basra Faruk KaymakE*y also expressed pleasure at the increased number of flights between Basra and ystanbul, saying that it is related to the rising demand of Basra residents and Turkish companies that are involved in important economic projects in the province.
The Basra Culture Center will be the cultural platform of the city," said Mohamed Al Assam, founder, chairman and MD of Dewan.
THY's CEO Temel Kotil, who appeared at a press conference to introduce company's flights to Basra, said that Iraq was a very important country for Turkey and THY.
Addressing the media and the VIP gathering at Basra Airport Mr Majali said: "We are pleased to fly into Basra today, our fourth destination in Iraq.
When we resumed our services to Baghdad in September 2009, I promised to connect more destinations in Iraq and I am pleased say that we have added Najaf, Arbil and today, Basra," he said.
AoOur strong forward bookings for Basra indicate the high demand for services to this destination, particularly from the corporate sector as the city rebuilds.
We don't know whether it was a terrorist attack or something else," Ali al-Maliki, the head of the security committee in the Basra council, said.
In an interview at the newly opened Basra Operations Centre from which the Iraqi army and police will control the city, Humeidi had little praise for the British presence in Basra since 2003.