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(Don't mount them on trees; bats will be more vulnerable to predators, plus their branches obstruct sunlight and make it difficult for the bats to drop into flight.) Bat houses and kits can be purchased online, or you can make your own with plans from Bat Conservation International, a nonprofit organization working to conserve the world's bats and their habitats.
Bat Conservation International reports that habitat loss remains a huge problem and colonies are routinely destroyed, even though bats play a key role in controlling insect populations.
Another overwintering population, previously documented by Keeley and Keely (2004), at McNeil Bridge on I-35 (Round Rock, Williamson County, 30[degrees]30'08"N, 97[degrees]40'58"W) sustained high mortality after prolonged freezing temperatures in late January and early February 2011 (Fran Hutchins, Bat Conservation International, pers.
"It's uncanny how perfectly this development aligns with the bat's flight path," said Mylea Bayless, the director of conservation programs for Bat Conservation International. "If we come in and put high-density development right under the flight path, we're creating a situation where bats and humans are going to be coming into regular contact."
According to Bat Conservation International (BCD, "one-way devices made from lightweight polypropylene netting (less than 1/6-inch mesh), plastic sheeting, or tube-type excluders are the preferred methods for evicting bats from buildings.
He began his career with Bat Conservation International based in Austin, Texas.
The federal government's 22-member Wind Turbine Guidelines Advisory Committee, which included experts from the National Audubon Society, Nature Conservancy, Defenders of Wildlife, Massachusetts Audubon and Bat Conservation International, developed the guidelines.
Bat Conservation International (BCI), is working with Natural Bridge Caverns.
"Bats cannot sustain these impacts without it affecting their ability to recover," says Ed Arnett, the director of Science and Policy at Bat Conservation International.
Bat Conservation International is a US-based group to protect bats and their habitats worldwide.
In collaboration with Bat Conservation International, DoD hosted workshops in Nashville, Tennessee, and at nearby Fort Campbell, Kentucky, in November 2010 to help prepare military installations for the arrival of WNS.
"[That] indicates that the bats rely more on echolocation than on their other senses," says Dianne Odegard of Bat Conservation International.