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BATMANBatch Manager
BATMANBetter Approach to Mobile Adhoc Networking
BATMANBattery Management (aerospace engineering)
BATMANBetter Approach to Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking (routing protocol)
BATMANBig and Tall Men's Apparel Needs (show)
BATMANBattlefield Air Targeting Man-Aided Knowledge (Air Force Research Laboratory research program)
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Dispatcher Phoenix ECM offers advanced batch scanning, batch indexing and document verification features, as well as a report generator tool and batch manager.
The new MES application was designed to create production batches from order information from the ERP system and automatically send it to the batch manager." He further stated, "We also decided to improve the performance of our production process to allow us to focus on our materials inventory and provide us with real-time information on stock levels, location and availability.
If necessary to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, it is possible to use the Batch Manager of Video Splitter, which - combined with another new feature of the new version 3.5 - the mask to automatically specify the name of the resulting file, will simplify the work with large volumes of editing tasks.
* an improved "batch manager", which doesn't need each project to be opened individually to launch a group of simulations.
With the new Enterprise Batch Manager and a normal Web browser, all users of a company network have equal access to the 3D Evolution batch mode.
For example, the $88 physical and procedural models will be configured in a batch manager to include the PAT method.
Clerity directly markets and licenses the online and batch application execution environments known as MTP (Mainframe Transaction Processing) and MBM (Mainframe Batch Manager) software, as well as 3270 Pathway, mainframe migration tools, and associated services.
The software is integrated with Platform Computing's LSF batch manager (4.0.1 and above) as well as Altair Engineering's PBS Pro (5.4).
A key component of that program, Sun's Mainframe Transaction Processing (MTP) and Mainframe Batch Manager (MBM) software helps enable customers to run existing mainframe CICS, COBOL and batch applications -- such as those commonly found in commercial banking and insurance, manufacturing, retail and government -- virtually unmodified in a contemporary computing environment.