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BODBiochemical Oxygen Demand
BODBeauty of the Day (Tank Girl)
BODBiological Oxygen Demand
BODBooks on Demand
BODBoard Of Directors
BODBrian O'Driscoll (Irish rugby player)
BODBurden of Disease
BODBrotherhood of Doom
BODBoard of Deputies of British Jews (UK)
BODBandwidth on Demand
BODBenefit of the Doubt
BODBased on Demand
BODBook on Demand
BODBusiness Object Dispatcher
BODBusiness Object Designer
BODBrothers of Destruction (professional wrestling team; World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.)
BODBasis of Design (document)
BODBetter Off Dead
BODBunkers on Delivery (shipping)
BODBulletin Officiel des Douanes (French: Official Customs Bulletin)
BODBrown Out Detection
BODBrown-Out Detection
BODBarrels of Oil per Day
BODBrides of Destruction (band)
BODBeware of Dog
BODBusiness Object Document
BODBusiness of Dentistry Magazine (UK)
BODBeneficial Occupancy Date
BODBid Opening Date
BODBeginning Of Day
BODBordeaux, France - Merignac (Airport Code)
BODBulk Order Deed (Ultima online gaming)
BODBottled on Date
BODBishop O'Dowd High School (California)
BODBringer of Death (gaming, World of Warcraft)
BODBeginning Of Data
BODBag of Donuts (band)
BODBase Ordnance Depot
BODBusiness Office Director
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BODBattery Operated Device
BODBasic Oxygen Demand
BODBuy on Dips
BODBusiness Operating Division
BODBlack Out Drunk (Internet slang)
BODBottom of Duct (HVAC)
BODBuilding Occupancy Date
BODBright Object Detector
BODBottom of the Draw
BODBasic Operational Data
BODBeginning of Descent (flight planning)
BODBill of Distributions (supply chain management)
BODBackup on Demand (data management)
BODBulletin Officiel du Département (French: Official Bulletin of the Department)
BODBilling Operations Development
BODBeneficial Occupancy Determination
BODBreak of Day Design Studio LLC (Desoto, TX)
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Air's technology delivers the lowest power GPS solution for battery operated devices including digital cameras and laptops, enabling proactive, next generation location services and providing extensive benefits for end-users.
With an extensive catalog of titles, these affordably priced, battery operated devices just need to be plugged into AN jacks and then the user has immediate access to several games within the unique controller--no console required.
Lithium ion batteries have replaced traditional batteries to a greater extent in UPS and are meeting the demand for high power capacity in the electronic battery operated devices. With the rising adoption of UPS and battery-operated devices, sales of batter management services are set to rise in the coming years.
The next generation 802.11ax standard is designed to improve the client user experience in two key ways: First, despite the congestion created by the exponential growth of Wi-Fi connected devices 11ax delivers higher throughput to each user, even in typical dense environments; Second, optimizing power consumption to enhance use time of battery operated devices. While the industry is navigating this significant standards transition, the WCN3998 solution offers OEMs a balanced pre-standard approach that is designed to fully leverage the capabilities of existing networks, avoid interoperability issues and provide the high-value 11ax features that address the real-world challenges of our customers, paving the way for a smooth transition when the 11ax certification program is available.
AirPrime[R] HL78 modules, featuring Altair Semiconductor's integrated ALT1250 chipset, deliver best-in-class power performance extending the life of battery operated devices by 5-10X compared to other available LTE-M/NB-IoT modules.
Increasingly the number of battery operated devices use rechargeable lithium ion batteries as the power source.
VEH can continue to self-power devices as long as a mechanical vibration source exists, making a great alternative to cut prices, space and maintenance generally found in battery operated devices.
AirPrime HL78 modules, featuring Altair Semiconductors integrated ALT1250 chipset, deliver best-in-class power performance extending the life of battery operated devices by 5-10X compared to other available LTE-M/NB-IoT modules.
Intersil Corporation (NASDAQ: ISIL) has introduced the ISL91127 and ISL91128 high efficiency, buck-boost regulators, featuring 4.5A switches, best-in-class efficiency up to 96 percent, and a compact footprint ideal for providing system power or powering the peripherals in battery operated devices, the company said.
With Atheros EPA (Efficient Power Amplifier) technology, WSDA-157GN reduces overall power consumption to achieve the latest trend of Green technology, which makes WSDA-157GN the ideal solution for low power / battery operated devices like portable medical devices, industrial tablet devices, handheld scanners, mobile printers that require minimum power usage.
The drawback with battery operated devices, however, is application run time.