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BVLBolsa de Valores de Lima (Spansih: Lima Stock Exchange; Peru)
BVLBundesamt für Verbraucherschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit (Germany: Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety)
BVLBundesvereinigung Logistik (German: Federal Logistics Association)
BVLBattery Voltage Level (electronics)
BVLBenefit Verification Letter (Social Security Administration)
BVLBowlers to Veterans Link
BVLBolsa de Valores de Lisboa
BVLBuena Ventura Lakes (Florida)
BVLBeroepsvoorbereidend Leerjaar (Dutch)
BVLBolsa de Comercio de Lima (Spanish: Lima Stock Exchange; Lima, Peru)
BVLBureau du Val de Loire (French fruit distributor; Maine-et-Loire, France)
BVLBourgogne Vol Libre (French flight school)
BVLBouët, Vidal, Laroudie (French architectural firm)
BVLBerrimah Veterinary Laboratories (Australia)
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Four further inputs provide measurement interfaces suitable for the electrical system's battery voltage level, and the pulse-train outputs of two paddle-wheel fuel flow sensors, and speed transducer or tachometer.
We have also observed the battery voltage levels of the sensor nodes deployed in Rhodiapolis.
Figure 16 shows the change in the battery voltage levels of Sensor-6 and Sensor-17 from the September 12 till the September 18.