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BOTCBank of the Cascades (Bend, OR)
BOTCBrotherhood of the Circle (fantasy book)
BOTCBirth of the Cool (Miles Davis music album)
BOTCBattle of the Clans (South African gaming organization)
BOTCBelgische Oldtimer Truck Club (Belgium)
BOTCBasic Officers Training Course
BOTCBattle of the Classes (various schools)
BOTCBlood ov thee Christ (Swedish music group)
BOTCBrotherhood of the Commissioned (gaming clan)
BOTCBrandweer Opleidings & Training Centrum (Dutch: Fire and Training Center; Netherlands and Germany)
BOTCBrothers Of The Coast
BOTCBrothers of the Cross (San Antonio, TX)
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Wales v England a battle of the classes - Carwyn I HAVE always seen it as such.
The application of VAT to currently exempt baked to cool categories (sausage rolls, Cornish pasties etc) went relatively unnoticed in the budget itself, but when George Osbourne admitted he couldn't recall the last time he ate a pasty it suddenly became a battle of the classes. Lesson learned by David Cameron - or was it?
With grossly misconceived understanding of Thailand's political history and development, the aforementioned article falsely portrayed the conflict in Thailand as a battle of the classes, the rich versus the poor, the privileged versus the disenfranchised.
I can't work anymore as I have no spleen and therefore no immune system." Gemma, who now cares for Claire full-time, said: "It's a battle of the classes. For her it's just a day in court over for her, but we've got to deal with this for the rest of our lives." Gemma, 25, Quinn and Claire had been for a day out in Aberdour when they were hit.
This is standard Godber fare, with plenty of observations on the battle of the classes and the sexes and a few, although not too many, funny lines, most of which go to Ron.
It's about the battle of the classes - the ruling classes still trying to keep down those beneath them.
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