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BAUD[not an acronym] unit of signaling speed equal to one code element per second
BAUDBinary Assembly Unassembly Data
BAUDBlazing Access Using Dialup
BAUDBits at Unit Density
BAUDBio-Acoustical Utilization Device (behavioral therapy)
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The two Milacron CNC mills now permit transmission rates of 9600 baud, and the two Shizuoka CNC mills accept code at 2400 baud.
Hardware: MacIIxi design workstation with 8 megabytes of RAM, 100-300 megabyte internal hard drive, laser printer, full-color, high-resolution, refrigerator-sized double-page display monitor, accelerator board, network hardware including a file server to link your department with other workstations and client groups, cd-room drive, mass magnetic media storage system, 9600 baud modem, color scanner, color printer and maybe even a super high resolution output device such as a Linotronic L-300.
By reducing the resolution of the x-ray from diagnostic quality to "consultative" quality of 1024 by 768 by 8 bits of gray scale (1,024 by 768 by 256 bits of data) that can be presented on a standard Super VGA computer monitor, the image will pass over the 9,600 baud modem in 5.83 hours.
The most affordable modem listed for the Commodore system was the Commodore 1660, a 300 baud modem, at $19.95.
Connection at 9600 baud is also available thruough other numbers.
The Model 93 provides full duplex synchronous serial data communication from 150 to 19,200 baud using a Manchester Encoded self-clocking signal.
The most important difference among them is in the baud rate, the speed at which they send information.
The testing utilized Cisco NCS 1004 flexibility to adjust modulation format and baud rate to achieve the maximum data throughput over different distances.
* An oscillator and clock prescalar that support a range of baud rates.
The baud rate is user selectable with operating speeds up to 1.5 Mbps for RS232 and up to 3 Mbps for RS-485/422.
To give users total control of company-wide serial networks, the Q4 Buffered Smart Switch and software manages communication of serial devices, including baud rates, handshake requirements, device names and documentation management.