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"A breathable membrane and extremely durable, with superior weathering and water resistance characteristics," Bayer MaterialScience says, Baytec Sil 100 coating "can be used alone and in conjunction with spray polyurethane foam for the restoration of most roofing types.
Baytec MAC prepolymers reportedly have reactivities similar to those of current diamine-extended TDI prepolymers and produce elastomers with comparable properties.
Consisting of polyester and polyether prepolymers produced from a specialty diphenylmethanediisocyanate, the Baytec MAC prepolymers demonstrate reactivities similar to those of corresponding, free-monomer stripped 2,4-TDI prepolymers when extended with diamine coreactants such as MbOCA and MCDEA, thus achieving comparable physical properties, e.g., elastomeric, abrasion, and tear.
As such, Baytec SPR 185A presents an optimal means to increase the service life of the building, says Bayer MaterialScience.
Application of a "high-grip" Baytec Reaktiv sprayed elastomer coating during manufacture of the foam permanently seals the Bayfit Memory padding without need for a vulnerable film covering.
Bayer MaterialScience is expanding its Baytec SPR line of polyurethane coatings with new formulations designed specifically for industrial applications, such as water/wastewater infrastructure; transportation infrastructure; and other outdoor structures, including industrial roofing, stairways, terraces, and parking structures.
According to Bayer, laboratory testing has shown the Baytec soft elastomers to be abrasion-resistant, resilient, hydrolytically stable, and easily processable, with adjustable pot lives, low mixing ratios, low viscosities, and excellent low-temperature properties.
Bayer worked with door and window manufacturer Jeld-Wen of Klamath Falls, Ore., to come up with a blend of Baytec SPR and Baydur STR materials.
The Baytec technology provides low-durometer characteristics with extremely high tear strength and high elongation without the use of expensive plasticizers that are often detrimental to the performance of the cast part.
Almost all hand labor is eliminated through automated spraying of three-component Baytec RS water-based PUR into an open mold.
A polyurethane quasi-prepolymer, Baytec ME-120, is said to "bridge the gap" between a full, solid prepolymer (such as Baytec ME-090) and a quasi-prepolymer (such as Baytec ME-230).