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BBFCBritish Board of Film Classification
BBFCBritish Board of Film Censors
BBFCBerlin-Brandenburg Film Commission (Germany)
BBFCBritish Beatles Fan Club (UK)
BBFCBig Blue Football Camp (Indianapolis Colts and Gatorade)
BBFCBattle Baptist Football Club (UK)
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This latest measure will allow the BBFC to go further by directing ISPs to block access to rogue sites.
After careful consideration the BBFC classified the film at U.
David says: "Although the BBFC is stricter in its classification of trailers, the key requirement is that no trailer should be shown as part of a programme if it has a higher age rating than the feature presentation.
He adds: "Rather than be in conflict, we tend to work with the BBFC.
FRIGHT FILM: Daniel Radcliffe in The Woman in Black and David Austin, assistant director of the BBFC, far left.
Sue Clark, of the BBFC, said: "We looked at the work in light of our '18' guidelines, which say that adults should be free to choose their own entertainment within the law.
In the first week of release, the BBFC received more than 80 complaints--the most ever for that frame for a theatrical release--from members of the public over "The Dark Knight's" content.
The BBFC is asking 10,000 cinemagoers for views - and for their opinions on smoking and drinking as well.
5) Although Bank is a de novo institution, and the BBFC has not previously had primary supervisory authority over the operations of the System, the BBFC intends to supervise Bank in substantially the same manner as the banks previously reviewed in the orders cited above.
The BBFC caused controversy last year when scenes showing crossdressing flirtation and a villainous taxidermist contributed to the Paddington film being given a parental guidance (PG) certificate
The BBFC said yesterday there will greater weight given to the "theme and tone" rather than simply specific scenes and details on screen.