BBOEBillions of Barrels of Oil Equivalent
BBOEBottom Bottom Opposite End (Radiator Piping Connection)
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Thomas Pascoe, a financial market export and has worked in Lloyd's of London insurance market, in an article for The Telegraph, explained that De Goyler and MacNaughton, one of the independent consultants, based its 113 bboe estimate on a P1 scenario.
P&GJ: Mexico's proven reserves are estimated between 10.07 and 10.12 Bboe and they plan to allow foreign investment in its oil fields.
Rosneft Oil Company is a world's largest public integrated oil and gas company with current hydrocarbon production exceeding 5,800 kboed and unique reserve base with over 46 bboe of proved PRMS reserves and estimated offshore resources of more than 300 bboe.
This greenfield development has an estimated recovery in excess of 1 Bboe.
Anadarko is among the world's largest independent oil and natural gas exploration and production companies, with 1.44 BBOE of proved reserves at year-end 2017.
The entire Mad Dog area is estimated to hold four billion barrels of oil equivalent (bboe).
The Tupi hydrocarbon discovery is situated 250 km south of Rio de Janiero in block BM-S-11 of the Santos Basin and is estimated to hold 5-8 BBoe. Exploitation of the reserves will be through the Tupi Pilot pipeline, an 18-inch diameter pipeline stretching 225 km back to the Mexilhao platform in the Santos Basin.
Asia accounts for 25% of Chevron's global resource base or 62 Bboe.
Eni estimates the resources in place of oil and gas discoveries made in the pre-salt Marine XII block to be approximately 5.8 billion barrels of oil equivalent (bboe).
Exploration in 2002 and 2003 found over 2 billion barrels of oil equivalent (BBOE).
FEL 2/13 and FEL 3/13 have the potential to hold gross mean un-risked prospective resources of nearly 1.7 Bboe. Citing the record number of applications in Ireland s 2015 Atlantic Margin Round, the board of the company is confident that there will be interest in partnering with Europa in both licenses.