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BBQBrubeck Brothers Quartet (jazz quartet; Port Washington, NY)
BBQBetter Be Quick
BBQBe Back Quick
BBQBeautiful Black Queen
BBQBlended, Browsing, and Querying (graphical user interface)
BBQBig Bang Quantum Alliance (online gaming)
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According to Genesis BBQ, the number of BBQ stores increased from 35 to 37 between the 2015-2016 period, and the number of BBQ stores in 2014 was 27.
Regulars at Thai BBQ often order either S1 or S2, codes for the house specials, namely Gaiyang (BBQ chicken) dinner, or BBQ spare ribs dinner served atop shrimp fried rice.
Youngsters are enhancing the demand for pizza, pasta and bbq sauces as they are more touch with international fast foods like pizza, pasta dishes and bbq dishes etc.
Oli Smith, chef and co-founder of FINCA, says: "We can't wait to stoke up the fire and introduce our BBQ menu to the city
html) recipe  - courtesy of Central BBQ, via FoodNetwork - makes about nine tablespoons of dry rub, which is enough for four servings of ribs.
There have always been backyard BBQ cooks, but I believe the inception of food TV channels that started to show all these BBQ festivals/competitions around the country really started intriguing the backyard BBQ cooks and chefs.
Use the right fuel - what's |really going to make your BBQ is the fuel that you use, try and avoid garage forecourt briquettes and go for lump wood charcoal, you'll recognise it as it actually looks like wood.
We feature great local blues bands, unique local art, and the best lip-licking BBQ.
During the event, which was the first between BBQ and Qtel Group, BBQ Public Relations department manager Sheikh Mubarak bin Hamad al-Thani made a presentation about the organisation and explained its role in the development of society by enhancing the quality of life of intellectually-challenged people.
A rich array of meats and seafood are available at the American BBQ Angus steak counter, Brazilian Churrasco grill and Indonesian Sate skewers alongside traditional Arabic grill and the tempting Gulf seafood BBQ grill.
We're giving you a practical freebie today, a handy BBQ book containing 200 delicious recipes for free