BCHLBritish Columbia Hockey League (Tier II Junior A Hockey League, British Columbia, Canada)
BCHLBone Conduction Hearing Loss
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The spectral change of the BChl accompanies with the [E.sub.m] shifted moderately (from 400 mV to 450 mV in the ground state [P.sup.+.sub.860]/[P.sub.860]) in the form of the special pair.
The molecular orbital (MO) levels of chlorophylls (Chl) and bacteriochlorophylls (BChl) (left).
Caption: Figure 2: The absorption spectra of bacteriochlorophyll-a in organic solvent ([[lambda].sub.max] = 770 nm, ET-OH), bound to the RC in the form of monomer (called "accessory chlorophylls," [[lambda].sub.max] = 802 nm) and in the form of dimer (called primary electron donor, [(BChl).sub.2], [[lambda].sub.max] = 860 nm).
P: primary electron donor; BChl: bacteriochlorophyll; BPheo: bacteriopheophytin; [Q.sub.A]: primary quinone type electron acceptor; [Q.sub.B]: secondary quinone type electron acceptor.
Winnipeg (from Nashville via Washington), Matt Ustaski, C-LW, Langley (BCHL).
While we are the first study (to our knowledge) to examine the relation between audit committee factors and restatements, prior research has examined similar corporate governance variables in a fraud setting (APP 2000; BCHL 2000).
Independent of these developments, BCHL introduced the notion of localized frames to prove powerful results concerning the density and excess of frames, extending their results in [2] and [3].
This definition also extends the results of BCHL, which can be found in [16].
If we let Y = G and [a.sub.Y] = id, then we have the definition of BCHL provided [sup.sub.j[member of]G] [absolute value of [a.sup.-1.sub.X](j)] [less than or equal to] K < [infinity].
House for children, childcare facilities and daycare center on Hartmann Hofer Bchl, new, BodenbelagsarbeitenA contract / lot is Awarded: yes
Tender notice number : WAT/RSO/Tender/2015-17/3 Nos Veh and BCHL Box Boy Date: 16.11.2015
Tenders are invited for Ohe Modification Involved In Connection With Extension Of Platforms At Cts, Jyp, Dir, Kdpa, Cjs, Kprr, Agb, Agz, Nkxx, Jdb, Kmez, Tpq, Bdxx, Dmk, Szy, Kmsd, Kklu, Kwgn, Dpf, Giz, Dwz, Kmlr, Bhns, Bchl & Krdl Stations In Kk Line Of Waltair Division