BDRABeyond Distance Research Alliance (University of Leicester; UK)
BDRABoot Data Reserved Area
BDRABritish Drag Racing Association
BDRABrampton Downtown Residents Association
BDRABirth and Death Registration Act
BDRABad Dog Rediscovers America (Salt Lake City, UT)
BDRABayesian Data Reduction Algorithm
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Philp announced the BDRA licensing agreement at the Esri International User Conference in San Diego, Calif.
For example, TerraEchos utilized the analytical power of the BDRA algorithm for classifying digital acoustic signal as part of a joint US Navy - Department of Energy security program.
We are privileged to have worked with the Naval Undersea Warfare Center on applying BDRA technology and look forward to building on this technology-sharing relationship in the future.
ILLEGIBLE TEXT] carrying plasmids carry two bdr genes, one from subfamily bdrA and one from [ILLEGIBLE TEXT] (24).
turicatae OZ1 bdrA subfamily members in bacteria cultivated [ILLEGIBLE TEXT] laboratory growth conditions (46).