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BZBautzen (german auto license plate)
BZBerliner Zeitung (German: Berlin Times)
BZBrillouin Zone
BZBelousov-Zhabotinsky (reaction; thermodynamics)
BZBlutzucker (German: Blood Sugar)
BZBenzimidazole (organic compound)
BZBelow Zero
BZBenzodiazepine (class of sedative drugs)
BZBravo Zulu (term for Good Job/Well Done)
BZBolzano - Bozen (Trentino Alto Adige, Italy)
BZBuffer Zone
BZBenzilic Acid
BZBreathing Zone
BZBraunschweiger Zeitung (German newspaper)
BZ3-Quinuclidinyl Benzilate
BZBattle Zone
BZBone Zone
BZBeach Zone
BZBronx Zoo (New York)
BZBelow Zone
BZBacitracin Zinc (antibiotic)
BZBranch on Zero (IBM)
BZBundesamt für Zulassungen in der Telekommunikation
BZBionicle Zone
BZBleedzao (discussion forum)
BZBuckled Zones
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If the present building construction is found within the beach zone, it is further recommended that the LGU revisit its zoning ordinance so that the construction will not violate the ordinance, or recall the following permit issued to prevent violation of the ordinance and the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP), the committee said.
Open Competition: Design and survey work on the project: Development of project documentation for the restoration and preservation of the beach zone central city beach with the study of hydrological processes of formation of the beach area of the central part of the city of Anapa
MP Asylbek Jeenbekov, parliamentarian from the Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan, said the agreement provision barring Kazakhstan from construction of any facilities in the beach zone is insufficient.
Albuquerque 4D's Board Shop Beach Zone Duke City Skates Silver Board Shop Westside skate shop
Key Stage 2 pupils Jaymi O'Kane, Naveed Javaid, Shaathaa Al-Ismaily, Alexander Dunbar and Moin Hussain are pictured making tropical cocktails in the beach zone.
The Explosive Neutralization Advanced Technology Demonstration, an over-the-horizon, in-stride mine countermeasures capability, uses rockets and net arrays of shaped-charge submunitions to clear mines and small obstacles from the 10-foot to three-foot water depth, the three-foot to Mean High Water Mark region and the beach zone; and the Joint Amphibious Countermeasure system consists of two remote controlled bulldozers which deploy explosive net arrays in the beach zone to detonate landmines and clear the path for amphibious assault.
In the beach zone local rugby side RGC hosted touch rugby, Glamorgan Cricket club taught the essentials of the game and there was an opportunity to try some watersports with Colwyn Bay Watersports.
Announcement of competition: Build fjordsti and associated recreation areas in central Sogndal according Zoning for beach zone in the center- Sogndal Municipality and Zoning juice.
Besides, these hotels paid rent fees for use of the park and beach zone to the local budgets in accordance with the agreement.
In the Beach Zone local rugby side RGC will be on hand to organise touch rugby, Glamorgan Cricket club will teach the essentials of the game and you can try some watersports with Colwyn Bay Watersports or duel like gladiators in the sand dunes.