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BPMBusiness Process Management
BPMBusiness Process Modeling
BPMBeats Per Minute (heart or music)
BPMBusiness Performance Management
BPMBlood Pressure Monitor (various companies)
BPMBest Practice Methodology
BPMBest Practice Management (various organizations)
BPMBanca Popolare di Milano (Italian bank)
BPMBritish Prime Minister (UK)
BPMBlows Per Minute
BPMBlack Power Movement
BPMBusiness Process Monitor (Hewlett-Packard software)
BPMBeam Position Monitor
BPMBeam Positron Monitoring (imaging)
BPMBackup Memory
BPMBeats per Minute
BPMBroadband Policy Manager
BPMBroadband Provisioning Manager
BPMBreaths Per Minute
BPMBusiness Performance Measurement
BPMBound Printed Matter (US Postal Service)
BPMBeam Propagation Method
BPMBank Pertanian Malaysia
BPMBattement par Minute (French: Beats per Minute)
BPMBest Practice Model
BPMBest Practicable Means
BPMBlack Plastic Mulch
BPMBusiness Planning Meeting (various organizations)
BPMBrushless Permanent Magnet
BPMBalance of Payments Manual
BPMBatch Process Monitor
BPMBarrels Per Minute (flow rate of Oil producing wells)
BPMBasic Perinatal Matrices
BPMBiens Publics Mondiaux (French: Global Public Goods)
BPMBataafse Petroleum Maatschappij (Dutch)
BPMBasic Pleasure Model (band)
BPMBusiness Program Manager
BPMBuchstaben Pro Minute (German: letters per minute)
BPMBorel Probability Measure
BPMBubbles Per Minute
BPMBusiness Process Manual
BPMBirds Per Minute
BPMBirefringent Phase Matching
BPMBytes Per Minute
BPMBuenas Practicas Manufactureras (Guatemala)
BPMBureau de Poste Militaire (Canada Post)
BPMBenefit Policy Manual (Medicare; US DHHS)
BPMBlack Powder Music (France)
BPMBatch Processing Monitor
BPMBills Per Minute (billing software application performance measurement)
BPMBiological Production Module
BPMBlack ProMist (camera filter)
BPMBi-Phase Modulator
BPMBelasting van Personenautos en Motorrijwielen (Dutch automobile tax)
BPMBill Payment Machine
BPMBrigada Policía Militar (Guatemala)
BPMBattery Pack Monitor
BPMBonnes Pratiques Médicales (French: Good Medical Practices)
BPMBasic Parameters Module
BPMBackground Processing Management
BPMBuffer Pool Manager
BPMBathy-Photometer (oceanography)
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The efficient method to implement the electrical gray to optical binary code converter is discussed with the suitable analysis are carried out by Beam Propagation Method and relevant results are verified through MATLAB simulation.
This book outlines the fundamentals and applications of the beam propagation method implemented by finite-difference techniques for the design of optical waveguide devices, including background, variations on the method, numerical implementations, and applications to practical examples.
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For simulation of the signal propagation along proposed switches finite difference beam propagation method (FD-BPM) [26, 27] is used.
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Designing Planar Waveguide New Optical Add and Drop Multiplexer by Using Beam Propagation Method Simulator.
The beam propagation method (BPM) has been one of the most popular approaches used in the modeling and simulation of electromagnetic wave propagation in guided-wave optoelectronic and fiber-optic devices (Neyer et al., 1985).
One analysis approach which beam propagation method (BPM) in used solving scalar wave equation for the transverse electric (TE) and transverse magnetic (TM) polarization.
In this research, Y branch optical moderator was first design to obtain the desired result using the beam propagation method. The research was done on a symmetrical Y branch optical moderator to acquire an output power that is symmetry for 2x3 optical moderator.
Among them are full-vectoral beam propagation methods, a finite-volume time-domain method, and the numerical analysis of linear and nonlinear devices based on photonic crystals.