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BFNBye for Now
BFNBundesamt für Naturschutz (German)
BFNBuffer Number
BFNBuenafuente (Spanish TV program)
BFNBokföringsnämnden (Swedish: Swedish Accounting Standards Board)
BFNBig Fat Negative
BFNBreastfeeding Network (UK)
BFNBuffalo Free-Net (New York)
BFNBrutto für Netto (German: Gross for Net)
BFNBritish Forces Network
BFNBeam-Forming Network
BFNBeroeps Fotografen Nederland (Dutch: Professional Photographers Netherlands; est. 1919)
BFNBass Federation Nation
BFNBrowns Ferry Nuclear
BFNBloemfontein, South Africa - Jbm Hertzog (Airport Code)
BFNBlue Falcon Networks (now Akimbo Systems)
BFNBridge to Future Networks
BFNNode B Frame Number (counter; 3GPP specification)
BFNBig Fat Nothing
BFNBeam Frequency Network
BFNBig for Nothing
BFNBumpfire.Net (discussion forum)
BFNBumflip Nowhere (polite form)
BFNBand Formation Notice
BFNBarrhaven Freecycle Network
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The proposed Butler matrix could advantageously be used as a beam-forming network for a wide antenna array.
As a beam-forming network, it is used to drive an array of N antenna elements.
A generic version of the Butler matrix used as a beam-forming network is shown in Figure 1.
A sketch of the IRIDIUM spacecraft using the Butler matrix beam-forming network is shown in Appendix C.
Sorrentino, "A novel design method for Blass matrix beam-forming networks," Proc.
Since the four beams are independently formed by four separate sets of active elements and beam-forming networks (BFN), there is no intermodulation (IM) phenomenon for this four-beam phased-array antenna.
Specifically, the microwave components include advanced multibeam antennas, shaped-beam antennas, shaped reflector antennas, an active phased-array fed and direct radiating antennas, MMIC beam-forming networks, microwave switch matrices and solid-state power amplifiers.