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Tang, a native of Shanghai who migrated to the Southern California in 1982, rose to become vice chairman of Bear Stearns & Co.
On Jan 9, JPMorgan made another attempt to put the past behind it, agreeing to settle a lingering class action suit the bank giant inherited with its 2008 acquisition of Bear Stearns. Reuters reports that the bank will pay approximate $500 million to a collection of pension funds that had been invested in the MBS at the time of the collapse.
Prior to this, he spent nearly 11 years at Bear Stearns & Company, holding various positions, most recently co-global head of Flow and Structured Credit Trading for High Yield and Investment Grade.
and other insurers must defend themselves against a lawsuit for refusing to cover more than $200 million paid out by Bear Stearns over illegal mutual fund trading practices, New York's highest court ruled on Tuesday.
Bear Stearns refuted the charges, saying it played a passive role in processing its customers trades and did not receive any special benefit from the trades, which generated only $16.9 million in fees and commissions.
Securities and Exchange Commission to settle SEC inquiries regarding disclosures in certain residential mortgage-backed securities offerings issued by Bear Stearns and one issued by J.P.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-November 16, 2012--JPMorgan Chase settles Bear Stearns RMBS dispute with SEC, will pay USD 297m(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
The government-brokered transaction not only let JPMorgan pay less than market value but also shipped responsibility for some of the toxic Bear Stearns liabilities it didn't want to the Federal Reserve.
She was previously with Bear Stearns where she was assigned on high yield cash and credit default swaps.
Lupton, who has been retired for four years since his last role at US investment bank Bear Stearns, which was sold to J.P.
BearTrap: The Fall of Bear Stearns and the Panic of 2008, by Bill Bamber and Andrew Spencer, New York: Brick Tower Press, 225 pages, $24.95
Bailout; what the rescue of Bear Stearns and the credit crisis mean for your investments.