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In the other hand, in the case of the moving target, the difference between the two beat signals follows a sinusoidal waveform with the beat frequency as shown in Fig.
Specifically, cardiomyocyte beat frequency, decay/rise ratio (a surrogate for QT prolongation), and other characteristics vary considerably in untreated cells across the 27 tested individuals in a reproducible manner, indicating cardiophysiologic performance is a donor-specific biological trait.
Said filter bank shows the signal received and performs a discrete Fourier transform (DFT) in quick time (Inter-ramp: inversely related to the sampling frequency of the signals; the DFT is performed along the samples from each ramp [5]), which determines the beat frequency to calculate the distance.
Typically, in order to acquire the beat frequency of the received signal, an analog beat signal is first sampled using an analog-to-digital converter, and then the fast Fourier transform (FFT) algorithm is utilized.
* Unique auto-mastering for master/slave operation - even if a master were to fail, the S1A and SC-100 can eliminate beat frequency effects in remaining units
In a study Ciliary Beat Frequency (CBF) was also measured by fast Fourier transform analysis of computerized microscopic photometry.
The beat frequency of a balancer depends on the amount it is bent by the gravitational load of the statolith and the direction of bending (Tamm, 1982, 2014a).
Analysis of changes in broadband and narrow-band amplitude, as well as frequency, showed no effect of either binaural beat frequency eliciting a frequency following effect in the EEG.
(4) The beat frequency ranges from 10 to 20 Hz (mean: 14) at body temperature.
Besides, cytoprotective capabilities and an increase of ciliary beat frequency of nasal respiratory cells have been reported (Kolodziej 2011).
Hyperactivated motility is essential for mammalian spermatozoa to reach and fertilize the egg (1) and is characterized by large bends at the proximal midpiece and low beat frequency. (2-5) Detailed analyses of hyperactivated flagellar movement suggest that the large bends at the proximal midpiece result from the increase in the total amount of sliding between the doublet microtubule of the sperm flagella.
Pennycuick, 'Wing beat Frequency of Birds in Steady Cruising Flight: New Data and Improved Predictions", The Journal Of Experimental Biology 199, 1613-1618, 1996.