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Still was heard the beat of the drum,- rub-a-dub-dub!
The truce still existed, and with a roll and beat of the drum, and covered by a little white flag, Duncan left the sally-port, within ten minutes after his instructions were ended.
And I remember I confounded the beat of the drum with the beating of my heart, and was pleased at its calm regularity.
KEMPTON: 4.55 Hurricane Spirit, 5.30 Signora Frasi, 6.00 The Noble Ord, 6.30 Beat Of The Drum, 7.00 Rockalong (nap), 7.30 Homeric, 8.00 Where's Susie, 8.30 Big Sylv.
ABORIGINAL RADIO MOST ACTIVE LIST ARTIST TITLE ALBUM Pshyllis Sinclair Lost For Words Fathomless Tales from Leviathan's Crystal Shawanda What Do I Have TO DO Dawn Of A New Day Lester Life Flies Day One Shane Yellowbird Drive Me Home Life is Calling My Name Gerald Folster Now I Understand Magical Places Of The Heart Yoza Beat Of The Drum Family Tree Mykal Gambull I'm Your Man Volume 1 Black Rain Marlena's Song Hundred Dollar Hickey Ray St.
Kashmir doesn't miss out on its original elements- heavy guitar riffs strumming against the beat of the drums. The song slowly picks up its pace as the vocals grow stronger, matching the flow of the music and the fierce lyrics.
Six contingents, consisting of at least 100 dancers each, danced to the beat of the drums in their colorful costumes.
Dancing ecstatically to the beat of the drums, the lions and dragons are also set to tour and dance their way to the various offices of the temporary city hall at the Ynares Center today, said Antipolo Culture Arts and Tourism Promotions Office head, Mar Bacani.
The piano that plays out the sequence of overall judgmental behavior and the beat of the drums mimic heartache.
The perfume of the trees in the jungles of Dalat--a place where society does not condemn and love is totally available--always returns, with the haunting beat of the drums accompanied by flute song and strings.
They moved to the beat of the drums, which started slowly and burst into a feverish pitch.
The bongo's and beat of the drums is just the thing to add to the fire and desire of "My lovely", and it is just that!