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References in classic literature ?
Still was heard the beat of the drum,- rub-a-dub-dub
The truce still existed, and with a roll and beat of the drum, and covered by a little white flag, Duncan left the sally-port, within ten minutes after his instructions were ended.
And I remember I confounded the beat of the drum with the beating of my heart, and was pleased at its calm regularity.
Direct the children to move through any safe open space to the beat of the drum.
The chord changes and melody in minor mixes the beat of the drums and hard riffs, almost like the uphill battle of life.
The perfume of the trees in the jungles of Dalat--a place where society does not condemn and love is totally available--always returns, with the haunting beat of the drums accompanied by flute song and strings.
ALL TOGETHER: The Punjab Arts Bhangra Group were a hit with the crowd, some of whom joined in to dance along with the beat of the drums.
They moved to the beat of the drums, which started slowly and burst into a feverish pitch.
The bongo's and beat of the drums is just the thing to add to the fire and desire of "My lovely", and it is just that
Children got excited when they heard the beat of the drums and their faces lit up as the colourful dancers and talented musicians passed by in full costume.
Bill said: "I was dancing with Caroline all night, right up to the last beat of the drums.
Some worked on movement to the beat of the drums and others actually practised drumming.