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BFTBelfast (Amtrak station code; Belfast, ME)
BFTBeaufort (International wind scale used in weather reporting)
BFTBatch File Transmission
BFTBroadcast File Transfer
BFTBlue Force Tracking
BFTBuilt Ford Tough
BFTBacteroides Fragilis Toxin
BFTBlue Force Tracker
BFTBinary File Transfer
BFTBen Franklin Transit
BFTBlue Fin Tuna
BFTBank for Foreign Trade (various locations)
BFTBerkeley Federation of Teachers (trade union; Berkeley, CA)
BFTBlunt Force Trauma
BFTByzantine Fault Tolerance
BFTBidding for Travel (online forum)
BFTBentonite Flocculation Test (rheumatoid arthritis)
BFTBuilt for Towing (Dodge Concept Truck)
BFTBattle Fitness Test
BFTBasic Fitness Test (British Armed Forces; UK)
BFTNorthern Bluefin Tuna (FAO fish species code)
BFTBasic Flying Training
BFTBachelor of Foreign Trade
BFTBattle Force Tank (computer game)
BFTBois et Forêts des Tropiques (French science publication)
BFTBareFoot Teens
BFTBarefoot Truth (band)
BFTBapela Family Trust (Lodge)
BFTBowling for Tiffany (sketch comedy troupe)
BFTBleachable Fancy Tallow
BFTBrevard Federation of Teachers
BFTBlack Feminist Thought
BFTBlack Family Tree
BFTBusiness Fundamental Table
BFTBig Fat Target
BFTBout Freakin' Time (polite form)
BFTBattle Focused Trainer
BFTBig Fat Tummy
BFTBasic Fighter Transition
BFTBeamforming Technique
BFTBox Free Thinking (Austin, TX)
BFTBig Freaking Truck
BFTBachelor of Food Technology
BFTBoard Function Test (computer networking)
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Monsieur de Beaufort told the guards who took him to Vincennes that he had often thought what he should do in case he were put into prison, and that he had found out forty ways of escaping.
Besides, my lord must remember that Monsieur de Chavigny is governor of Vincennes," continued La Ramee, "and that Monsieur de Chavigny is not friendly to Monsieur de Beaufort.
The queen, who was scarcely less afraid of Monsieur de Beaufort than the cardinal himself, and who was almost as superstitious as he was, made him repeat word for word all La Ramee's praises of his deputy.
Interestingly, Beaufort extends that claim to writing-in-the-disciplines courses, which are usually insulated from such critique.
The Beaufort West prison, established in 1873, stands right in the middle of a traffic circle in the town's center, "a grim sentinel of order," as the South African writer Jonny Steinberg calls it in the brochure accompanying the exhibition, undisturbed despite the heavy traffic around it.
Both Prince Charles and his son William regularly ride with the Beaufort Hunt, which passes near their Highgrove estate.
The interesting thing about invasive species is that it's not uncommon for them to actually get bigger or do better in a new habitat" than in their native range, says Paula Whitfield of NOAA'S lab in Beaufort, N.
The crash of an Armenian jetliner, with the loss of 113 lives, isn't likely to cause major problems for underwriters, according to Steve Jutton, claims manager for Beaufort Underwriting Agency Ltd.
The Prince joined the Beaufort Hunt, based near Tetbury in Gloucestershire.
The prince joined the Beaufort Hunt, based near Tetbury, Gloucestershire, close to the Highgrove home of his father Prince Charles.