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The Godfather actor, who has had a string of relationships with beautiful black women including Naomi Campbell, proposed last month.
Or any given day on any busy street of any American city, you Will find beautiful Black women sporting a vast array of hairstyles, colors, lengths and textures.
All are on the 1996 list of the 15 Most Beautiful Black Women, and all are redefining the meaning of beauty in the modern world.
They are not, of course, the only beautiful Black women, but they were selected as representatives and stand-ins for all Black women.
During those early years, EBONY also kept our readers informed about beautiful Black women who were breaking barriers in the world of beauty pageants.
In fact, the most accomplished Black men are married to beautiful Black women, including Bill Cosby, Denzel Washington, Michael Jordan, Spike Lee, David Justice, Eddie Murphy, Danny Glover, Gen.
In recent years, fashion magazines and designers themselves apparently have begun to look favorably on brown-skinned and otherwise ethnic-looking runway and print models, and Ebony Fashion Fair takes credit for opening the doors and showcasing beautiful Black women for decades.
The proliferation of beautiful Black women in the media "would have to have a psychological impact on White men," says Dr.
"I first met her when she came to my showroom right after a collection with two beautiful, beautiful Black women," recalls Oscar de la Renta.
Yes, Black beauty is in, but beautiful Black women should become a part of the standard rather than a fashionable fad.
Many are choosing beautiful Black women who don't look like Lena Horne, not to mention Marilyn Monroe and Brooke Shields.