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Meses despues del descubrimiento de Becquerel, Marie Curie se intereso en la busqueda de otros elementos radiactivos, ademas del uranio, y el primero que encontro fue el torio.
Henri Becquerel (1852-1908) was born into a remarkable academic family in Paris, both his grandfather Antoine Cesar Becquerel (1788-1878) and father Edmond Becquerel (1820-1891) having been Professors of physics who, respectively, did research on electricity and the solar spectrum.
In February 1896 Becquerel wrapped photographic film in black paper and put it in sunlight with a crystal of potassium uranyl sulfate upon it.
9 per cent of the rice produced in Fukushima is under 25 becquerel, while the radioactive element in 95 percent is contained.
Council Regulation 737/90/EEC, adopted four years after Chernobyl, sets a limit of radioactive caesium to 600 becquerel per kilogram.
One hundred years ago French scientist Henri Becquerel discovered radioactivity.
Ever since the days of WilhelmRoentgen and Henri Becquerel, just before the turn of the century, people have been using X-rays to find out about the insides of opaque solid objects.
The European Headquarters is located at Avenue Becquerel, BP 227, F-33708 Merignac, France.
has said that radioactive cesium levels found in some dried tobacco leaves harvested in Fukushima Prefecture this year exceeded the company's limit of 100 Becquerel per kilogram.
009 becquerel per square centimeter, that in Tokyo and western Japan 0.
The highest values were observed in the prefecture of Fukushima with 23 000 becquerel per square metre for iodine-131 and 790 becquerel per square metre for caesium-137.