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BECTABritish Education Communications Technology Agency (Coventry, West Midlands, England, UK)
BECTA[not an acronym] (formerly British Educational Communications and Technology Agency; UK)
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Niel McLean, executive director of Becta, said: "Becta believes that when used effectively both in schools and at home, technology can be extremely beneficial to a child's education.
They were also recently awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark, the Becta ICT Mark and Artsmark Gold, which was the second time the school had received the award.
Within the UK the Government agency Becta (formerly known as the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency) funded a study into the main purposes of ePortfolio development.
Choose a product that has industry compliancy such as CIPA, BECTA, HIPPA and the Internet Watch Foundation.
Dr Brown has been involved in educational computing for over 30 years and is Expert Consultant to Becta, the United Kingdom Government's education technology agency.
Lodged by Becta (British Educational Communications and Technology Agency), a government advisor, this complaint will feed the Commission's latest anti-trust investigation, opened last January, into the lack of interoperability in the Office suite, which includes software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint (see Europolitics 3449).
The solution will be built using open standards, such as SIF and Shibboleth, which have been identified by Becta, a UK government agency for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in education, as the preferred approach for delivering web-delivered services in UK schools.
uk he has been trying to persuade England's education department to place printed warnings alongside all screens due to the light projected onto them, and contacted BECTA (British Educational Communications & Technology Agency) three years ago.
Guidance on internet safety is available for parents, schools and teachers from Becta, the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency, which is part-funded by the Welsh Assembly Government".
This essay reviews several studies (specifically those conducted by BECTA, "Speaking to Write," and Scotland's CALL Centre) that have explored students' interaction with voice recognition programs to produce texts.
Although such a high degree of ease with technology is rare, the staff of one under-5s center have won a national award for excellence (see BECTa Web site) in recognition of their "technological literacy" program.
Accredited by Becta, SmoothWall's Guardian filtering technology already provides thousands of schools with solid protection against proxies and online games, intelligent tools to prevent cyberbullying and flexible control over bandwidth-hungry streaming media.