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Then we calculated standardized utilization ratios by dividing the actual or predicted utilization measure by the grand means of the study sample (0.97 bed days of care and 6.37 provider visits).
The RxRisk-V summary score did not add much explanatory power to the DCG/HCC or CDPS in predicting bed days of care, but it improved the [R.sup.2] for DCG/HCC by 3.7 percentage points and for CDPS by 3 percentage points for provider visits.
Differences in facility rankings between the RxRisk-V and DCG/HCC were observed in the concurrent prediction of bed days of care. The RxRiskV, CDPS, and ACG models ranked Facility C as highest (ratio = 1.26 - 1.38), while DCG/HCC ranked Facility A as highest (ratio = 1.56).
Trends by age group follow the same pattern as overall trends in that reductions in inpatient costs per treated child are primarily driven by reductions in number of bed days of care, with slightly smaller declines in the costs per day.
Children in the Substance Abuse diagnostic group actually experienced significant increases in both the number of bed days of care and the cost per day of treatment, especially among teenaged children, reflecting the increased awareness of the problem of substance abuse among children.
Among children who had claims for mental health services, average inpatient medical bed days of care fell 11.8 percent and average inpatient medical costs per treated child fell 35.1 percent from 1993 to 1996.
* Reduced bed days of care by 48% per 1,000 patients.