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Supplies of basic equipment such as bed pans and linen dwindled then ran out with nurses having to 'borrow' supplies from other wards and staff morale was low.
He gave her a bed pan and would usually feed her once a day on potatoes and water or a sandwich.
"I told the nurses that she needed the toilet and they said she would have to use a bed pan in the middle of the corridor.
She spent more time washing the blood off than helping out, only to walk into a bed pan.
When Aneurin Bevan introduced the NHS he was thinking mainly of hospitals because he said that if a bed pan falls in a hospital ward the clang will be heard in Westminster.
The hearing was also told she posted a photograph of a colleague sitting on a bed pan in the hospice on the social networking site.
In a graphic illustration of her case, she said: "A little boy was aborted into a cardboard bed pan which was thrust into my arms.
I just can't imagine Minister Cowen rolling up his shirt sleeves and grabbing a bed pan.
Mr Brindle, of Redditch, said: "Nobody was doing their job, nobody could be bothered to take a bed pan in for my mother - this woman who had worked all her life, been a nurse, and never transgressed the law.