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BTDCBefore Top Dead Center
BTDCBali Tourism Development Corporation (Indonesia)
BTDCBaird Television Development Company (est. 1927; UK)
BTDCBench Training and Development Committee (UK)
BTDCBali Tourism Development Centre
BTDCBattle Test Directors Cut (Battle for Middle Earth II game)
BTDCBlue Tooth Devil Crew (Wilmington, NC)
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Because of the low average crank speed in the working cycle where the blip occurs, the kinetic energy is not high enough to deliver the needed work to compress the cylinder charge and overcome the pressure build up from the starting combustion before top dead center.
The worst case would be a slow combustion with low torque production in the working cycle right before the blip event (WC1) followed by a fast combustion with early pressure rise before top dead center in the working cycle during the blip event (WC2).
After the impulse is released, the spark will fire 35 degrees before top dead center.