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BFMBundesamt für Migration (French: Federal Office for Migration; Switzerland)
BFMBasic Fatigue Management (transportation; Australia)
BFMBerlin-Frankfurt-Münster (study group)
BFMBanque Fédérale Mutualiste (French: Mutual Federal Bank; est. 1986)
BFMBrasserie des Franches-Montagnes (French: Franches-Montagnes Brewery; Franches-Montagnes, Switzerland)
BFMBonded Fiber Matrix (soil stabilization for erosion control)
BFMBritish Furniture Manufacturers (UK)
BFMBus Functional Model
BFMBody Fat Mass
BFMBasic Fighter Maneuvers
BFMBasic Financial Management
BFMBlackRock Financial Management (various locations)
BFMBibliothèque Francophone Multimédia de Limoges (French: Francophone Multimedia Library of Limoges; Limoges, France)
BFMBeg For Mercy (Halo gaming clan)
BFMBeiqi Foton Motor (China)
BFMBrave Fencer Musashi (video game)
BFMBattle for Meridell (Neopets)
BFMBusiness Financial Manager
BFMBase de Français Médiéval (French historical database)
BFMBureau of Finance and Management
BFMBenicia Fabrication & Machine, Inc. (Benicia, CA)
BFMBurnt Face Man (cartoon superhero)
BFMBibliothèque de la Faculté de Médecine (French: Library of the Faculty of Medicine; Switzerland)
BFMBailrigg FM (Radio Station in Lancaster, UK)
BFMBallet Folklorico Mexicano (folk dance)
BFMBerkeley Farmers Market (Berkeley, CA)
BFMBig Furry Monster
BFMBen Franklin Mob (Hash House Harriers)
BFMBlended Family Moments (educational resource)
BFMBrute Force Method
BFMBoulder Farmers' Market (Boulder, Colorado)
BFMBion Fury Missile (gaming, Fury 3 weapon)
BFMBig Fat Meanie
BFMBipolar Framing Module
BFMBig Freaking Mess (polite form)
BFMBig Freakin' Mallet (; polite form)
BFMBivariate Failure Modeling
BFMBattlescale/Battlefield Forecast Model
BFMBlock-Fading Model
BFMBeckman Family Ministries
BFMBear Flag Museum (California)
BFMBudget Formulation Manual
BFMBroadcast Financial Management Association
BFMBattlefield Marines (gaming clan)
BFMBig Fat Meetup
BFMBridge Fault Model
BFMBad Frame Masking (Algorithm)
BFMBlue Fountain Media (New York, NY)
BFMBreak Free Ministries (website)
BFMBig Freaking Mystery
References in classic literature ?
I beg for mercy for my poor friend, Harlequin, who has never done the least harm in his life.
Rosa, Rosa, open this door to me, and you will see whether I will not find the thief, -- whether I will not make him confess his crime and beg for mercy.
Good den, good beggar that is to be," quoth Little John, "and mayst thou have no cause to beg for mercy ere I see thee next.
They tried to groan and beg for mercy, but forthwith emitted the most awful grunting and squealing that ever came out of swinish throats.
REUTERS) February 20: The Times of India report by Chidanand Rajghattai states that the Trump administration's hardball approach to ending Pakistan's nurturing of terrorism has sent Islamabad scrambling across the world to beg for mercy and succor, but Washington remains unmoved by its entreaties while Pakistan's terrorist principal Hafiz Saeed remains free to preach his gospel of hate.
The thug said: "That will teach you not to disrespect me, I want to hear you beg for mercy," before saying: "Now I am going to rape you and I am going to enjoy it.
If that's not enough, I will knock your teeth out one by one until you beg for mercy.
I will make him crawl on his bended knees, and beg for mercy.
The G-Unit star has released two albums Beg For Mercy and T.
He is calling on the world to repent before God and beg for mercy in order to be spared ahead of May 21, 2011, when he says God will judge the world with a cataclysmic series of earthquakes that will strike the planet time zone by time zone as each location reaches 6 p.
The prime minister at the time, Haman, had managed to secure a decree legalizing the wholesale slaughter of the Jews; the biblical story tells the tale of how Queen Esther, herself a hidden Jew, courageously -- and successfully -- appeared unsummoned before her husband, King Ahasuerus, to beg for mercy for her people.
THE North East was warned it could not beg for mercy from the Government as the looming spending cuts bite.