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Through the activation of this pathway, we could elicit behavior inhibition, which appears to be dysfunctional in our animals," Burguiere says.
Self-control and behavior inhibition have traditionally been valued and encouraged in Chinese culture and are central characteristics of internalizing problems (Ho, 1986).
In contrast, self-control and behavior inhibition were no longer likely to be regarded as indicative of adaptiveness and competence.
According to the authors, it is possible to explain these data by the deficit in behavior inhibition, which is related to different cerebral areas in both populations and moderated by executive functions, especially in adult life.
These behaviors were then assigned to three different personality attributes: attention (the ability to stay focused on a task and persist in solving a problem), distress-proneness (the tendency to react negatively to situations), and behavior inhibition (the tendency toward shyness, acting withdrawn and having difficulty communicating).
Those individuals who have weak cool systems in terms of behavior inhibition are more impulsive and have a harder time willfully delaying gratification.
In this account, there is no allowance for the role of personal agency, or behavior inhibition, in what is measured during the DG procedure.
As DG and DD are currently measured, it appears that they both hold ecological validity to real-world circumstances regarding behavior inhibition and choice.
under conditions that exclude the possibility of learning), thus excluding the direct use of the obtained data to explain behavior inhibition processes.
In the model: (1) reactive aggression features more behavior inhibition (higher BIS score), greater activation of right frontal EEG, and higher norepinephrine levels than proactive aggression; (2) depression is characterized by a weak behavior approach pattern (low BAS score), hypo-activation of left frontal EEG, low norepinephrine and elevated dopamine; and (3) proactive aggression is characterized by a weak behavior inhibition pattern (low BIS score), hypoactivation of right frontal EEG, low norepinephrine and elevated dopamine.
Based on our data from other massage therapy studies, we would expect: (1) all those receiving massage therapy would experience increased left frontal EEG activation and serotonin and decreased cortisol, and the increased serotonin would decrease testosterone and aggression; (2) the reactive aggressive would experience decreased behavior inhibition and norepinephrine; and (3) the proactive aggressive would experience increased behavior inhibition.
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