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I was excited when we finally got approval for a meeting at BeiDa. My boss had been there before, his Mandarin was flawless, and he told me later that the setting for the meeting showed great respect for us.
The result will be the exact opposite to what was the case earlier when the Thinni government in Beida was accepted internationally and the Ghwell National Salvation 'Government' in Tripoli was rejected.
Selon les responsables, Sita El Beida dispose de 9 Boms, 3 Bennes satellites, 2 Multi bennes, 3 TP, 1 Balayeuse, 1 Laveuse, 1 Trax, 1000 Conteneurs sur l'ensemble de la ville et un personnel estime a 138 agents communal, 80 agents Sita, 60 interimaires.
The is currently visiting the eastern region of Libya and called on Beida after a similar visit to the border town of Tobruk on Monday.where he discussed a number of issues, including border control and illegal immigration.
AaAaAa The quake's epicentre was located in the commune of Ain Beida, the same source added.
In December 2008 the company signed a contract through Svlidco worth around 400 million euros (600 million dollars) to carry out similar works in the Libyan town of El Beida.
YARM (at Acklam, 1.15, 3.00): Foreman, Lynch, West, Pickering, McKinley, Bate, Wooten, Groves, Rowland, Shaw, Smith, Lester, Earl, Salter, Marx, Beida, Arulananthan.
It also had 12-odd helicopters, necessary for the rainy season: eight French (four Pumas and four Gazelles) based in Abeche and N'Djamena; three Polish Mi-17 helicopters at the northern battalion (Iriba) and two Irish Mi-8 helicopters at the southern battalion (Goz Beida).
Abdelwahid Aboud Makaye, a rebel leader, said: "We captured Goz Beida ...
First, Zhu Suli is not simply one of Peking University (Beida) Law School's more distinguished alumni; he is also one of its proudest and most loyal alums.
Finnish technology group Teleste Oyj said today (15 January) that it had received an order from the Chinese cable-television operator Beijing Beida Jade Bird Network Communication Technical Co Ltd (Jade Bird Network) for the delivery of optical equipment.
L'auteur presume de la photo montrant un enfant suspendu du haut du 15e etage d'un immeuble a ete condamne ce lundi 19 juin par le tribunal de Dar El Beida a une peine de deux ans de prison ferme, selon la cellule de communication pres la Surete de Wilaya d'Alger.