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Mr Johnston's son Stephen said this was the second such inquest at Belfast City Hospital Trust in recent times.
An investigation is now under way within the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service and the Belfast City Hospital Trust.
Dr Ken Fullerton, medical director of Belfast City Hospital Trust, defended the hospital claiming it was more vulnerable to infection because of the type of wards it had.
That figure is followed by The Belfast City Hospital Trust which has 273 cases pending.
Belfast City Hospital Trust has been renting a large mast erected on its tower block, just feet from the new cancer clinic.
Belfast City Hospital Trust, which will run the new cancer centre, has one mast and Down Lisburn Trust has one at Lagan Valley Hospital and another at Lisburn Health Centre.
Belfast City Hospital Trust wouldn't comment on its mast's proximity to the cancer centre and said it relied on regular checks by the Radiocommunications Agency to determine the safety of its mast.
The Royal Hospital Trust and the Belfast City Hospital Trust recently advertised for Dr Khan's post and a second plastic surgeon's post but only Dr Khan applied.