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Bell Labs was to be split, with a new unit (Bell Communications Research or "Bellcore") created to provide research support to the Baby Bells.
Their address is Bell Communications Research, 445 South Street, Room 2E 288, Morristown, New Jersey 07960.
"Our working relations with Bell Communications Research were always good," Maruta adds.
Lenstra of Bell Communications Research (Bellcore) in Morristown, N.J.
Following a stint at Bell Communications Research, she held several positions in regulatory matters before being named president of Verizon West Virginia in June 2000, then president of Verizon's Great Lakes region in November 2003.
3 A 55.52 Mb/s link based on Sonet specifications, and referencing documents written by ANSI and Bell Communications Research (Bellcore).
The system is part of a study by Bell Communications Research (Bell-core), Livingston, NJ, to see if remote solar energy units can play an important role in optical fiber-based communications.
NETWORK MASTERS...Carnegie Mellon University has inaugurated a master's program in information networking with the aid of a $1 million grant from Bell Communications Research (Bellcore).
Bell Communications Research (Bellcore), the NANP administrator, has designed a new numbering plan to address this current exhaustion threat.
This prediction was confirmed when Eli Yablonovitch of Bell Communications Research in Red Bank, N.J., and his co-workers created one version of this geometry by drilling three sets of holes, slanted at specific angles, into the top of a solid slab (SN: 11/2/91, p.277).
For example, researchers at Bell Communications Research (Bellcore), Red Bank, NJ, expect to make a big impact with their quantum wire laser, a device that measures only 30 atoms tall by 300 atoms wide.
Feldman Bell Communications Research 445 South Street Room 2E-386 Morristown, NJ 07960-1910 (201) 829-4305